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Though 2NE1 debuted on May 17, 2009, fans had to wait patiently (or not) for their official fan club name. Hints were dropped multiple times, especially when Teddy called out “2NE1, Blackjacks – beat that” in a collaboration song with CL & G-Dragon, called “The Leaders.” However, the wait was over just prior to the Asia Song Festival 2009 (aka Dream Concert), when YGE officially announced that 2NE1’s fan club would be called Blackjack and the official colors BLACK HOT PINK.

“Referring to the game black jack, 21 is the highest number you can get:


The best numbers to each other and keeping a close relationship.”

Though all 2NE1 fans are commonly referred to as Blackjacks, YGE’s official Blackjack fanclub required registration fees and has limited registration periods. Some perks of being an official Blackjacks include receiving a personalized 2NE1 lightstick, access to the Blackjack Zone (an exclusive area just for official fans), access to lotteries for early concert tickets, and much more.

A brief history on the official Blackjack fanclub

Registration and payment for the 1st generation membership of Blackjacks opened to the public from Oct-Nov 2009, while application for the 2nd generation membership and fees was carried out in May-June 2010. YGE is now accepting applications for the 3rd generation of members, but unlike the first two, membership is currently only open to Korean citizens or foreigners who live in Korea. It was later explained that this was because YGE felt that fans outside of Korea will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of being an official Blackjack (such as attending live performances on music programs in Korea). However, for fans not in Korea, don’t give up hope! Applications did open later for foreign fans for the first two registration period.

Shortly after 2NE1 officially began their Japanese activities in 2011, YGEX announced that the official Japanese fan club would be opening registration AND would have a different name than the Korean fanclub. This is not an unusual situation as several other Korean artists have different names for their Korean and Japanese fanclubs (most notably DBSK with Cassiopeia and Big East). After a brief submission contest, the official name for Japanese fans was announced: BLACKJACK NOLZA.

Nolza (derived from Nolja, the Korean word for “Let’s Play!” and a slogan 2NE1 is identified with as they usually cheer with it before performing on stage) was the name of the girls’ first concert tour. Similar to the Korean official fanclub, Blackjack Nolza required a membership fee and applicationw as only open for a limited time. Members who’s applications are successful would then receive priority access to events, personalized lightsticks as well as a Blackjack Zone where exclusive photos of 2NE1 are released. These photos are not allowed to be shared anywhere outside of Blackjack Nolza’s site.

To date, Blackjack Nolza members have also gotten the privelege of attending 2 fan meetings that 2NE1 has held in Japan. They’re extremely lucky aren’t they?

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21-2NE1-Daum2-how to be a good fancafe member

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Now that you know all about what Blackjacks are, let’s find out if you’re one!

10 Signs You’re a Blackjack

  1. You know exactly when 2NE1 debuted – About 2NE1
  2. You know everything about CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy
  3. You sing along to all their songs even though you don’t know the meaning of the lyrics, just because they’re that awesome – 2NE1 Song Lyrics
  4. You’ve watched all their MVs (at least 10 times each) – 2NE1’s Official MVs
  5. You know all the fanchants to their songs – 2NE1 Fanchants
  6. You own one of their albums (or more) – 2NE1’s Full Discography
  7. You can’t choose your favourite live performance – 2NE1 Live Performances
  8. You understand what Hul!Tam TamOksusuDon’t touch my… and Bbyong! mean 

    Don’t touch my…

  9. You are used to foreign musicians, actors, fashion designers & music critics gushing about the girls.
  10. You can’t help following the dance moves to their hits, such as “I Don’t Care“, “Fire“, “Can’t Nobody” & “I Am The Best“  Want to know how? Check out 2NE1’s official dance tutorials!

Were you nodding your head vigorously as you read the list above? If you did, then hello fellow Blackjack!! But not to worry if you didn’t; just explore for all things 2NE1 and you’ll soon be a full-fledged Blackjack in no time! ^^v

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Of course, there are several essential things that you will need as a Blackjack, do you have them yet?

5 must-haves for all Blackjacks

  1. 2NE1 Support goods! – Lightsticks, Banners, Official goods
  2. Fanchants & Lyrics to 2NE1’s songs
  3. Streaming Links to catch all the awesome live performances
  4. YGLadies to bring you all the latest news and updates about 2NE1, and connect you to the worldwide Blackjack community
  5. Last but not least, put your 2NE1s in the air!!Not sure how to do it? Fret not! Let Minzy’s momma show you how!

    1st Attempt: There’s a 2.. but where’s the 1?? = Failure

    2nd Attempt: It’s not “I Love You” 2NE1! 2NE1! = Failure

    3rd Attempt: 2NE1 yeahhh~! = Success!

Got your must-haves? All set to become a Blackjack? Ah go go go~

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In this section, we attempt to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the official Blackjack fanclub. If you’ve any further questions, do comment on this page and one of our staffs will get back to you shortly.

‘Official Blackjack’ FAQ

  • How many officialfanclubs are there? Is there one for international fans?There are currently only two official fanclubs by YG Entertainment: Blackjack (Korea) and Blackjack Nolza (Japan).
  • When do the official fanclubs open for registrations? What are ‘generations’?Applications are open for brief periods of time, and each period is called a “generation.” YGE is currently accepting applications for the 3rd generation of Blackjacks (Korea) while Blackjack Nolza is not open to applications at this time.
  • Is a fee required for application to be a Blackjack or a Blackjack Nolza? How much is the fee?There is a fee required when applying for both fanclubs, and fees vary with each membership period
  • What are the benefits of being a member of the official fanclubs?Past benefits of official membership include: an official membership card, fanclub goods (including engraved lightstick, buttons and card case), opportunities to participate in official events (ie. fan meets, conferences), chances for priority seating at concerts and access to the exclusive BLACKZONE.

    Update on Blackjack 3rd Generation Benefits! (9 May 2012)

    – 2NE1 Official Blackjack membership card
    – Gift box with official goods designed by 2NE1
    – Goods that have been upgraded with 2NE1’s design and gift box
    – Opportunities to participate in official Blackjack events (Events for 2NE1 & Blackjacks i.e. Special Fan Meeting, Video Meeting, Membership participation events, etc)
    – Priority entrance for public broadcasts (i.e. music programs such as SBS Inkigayo, Mnet Mcountdown etc)
    – Ability to pre-order tickets for 2NE1 concerts/YG Family concerts
    – Usage of the exclusive ‘Blackjack Zone’
    – Newsletters through mail and sms

  • How do I apply for membership?A tutorial on how to apply for membership during registration periods can be found here. However, YGE is currently only accepting applications from Korean citizens and/or residents.  Please note that this is a general tutorial and details for each application may be different.

Last updated on: 9 May 2012

– YGE is opening the official Blackjack fanclub to ‘Global Blackjack’s ? We’ll update this space as more details are revealed! ^^

– We have an update on the benefits of being an official 3rd Generation Blackjack! Click here to find out more.

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