[130412] Dara (@krungy21) reveals marriage plans + PSYDARA & Hip-hop Dara

Dara posted this hilarious edit of PSYDARA, breaks the hearts of admirers with her marriage plans, and is just a very happy hip-hop girl tonight.

130412 psydara 2ne1 dara tweet

I don’t know if you know~ Why I’m similar to PSY oppa ah ah ah ah~ I’m a… Mother father gentle girl!!!

T/N: This is a parody of the lyrics to PSY’s new song, ‘Gentleman’.. PR manager Dara promoting YG Family? ^^

‘Being able to show the force of a hip-hop girl coupled with the dynamism of a rookie singer, Sandara Park is happy today too.’

T/N — ‘Dynamism of a rookie’ in this case means the drive & energy that rookie singers usually perform with, implying that she’s not complacent even though she’s no longer a rookie, she still performs as earnestly.

Source: Dara’s Twitter
Translated by: nyldeabcd@ygladies.com

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