[120814] @ygent_official: 2NE1′s Facebook Live Q&A on Aug. 22nd (full details)

‎[2NE1’s Facebook Live Q&A] 

2NE1 will be on Facebook for an exclusive live Q&A at 5:00pm until 5:45pm PDT [on Wed. August 22nd] at 2NE1′s Facebook & Facebook Live (http://apps.facebook.com/facebooklive)

2NE1 will be the FIRST Asian singer to visit Facebook HQ and having a live Facebook chat with all fans worldwide!

It is the time for all Blackjack to show your great love by asking 2NE1 the questions so don’t miss out this chance and join this special Facebook event first:
http://www.facebook.com/events/435685576483355/ and then leave your question as a comment to this post.

See you soon on Facebook!

Be sure to visit the Event Page on 2NE1′s Facebook and let them know you will be attending: CLICK HERE!!

Source: YG Ent Official Twitter, 2NE1′s Facebook
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