[130408] Dara (@krungy21): “Happy Birthday Gummy Unnie~!” and “2NE1′s 2013 Calendar!”

Dara is so cheery on Twitter, she gave a birthday greeting to Gummy on Twitter and of course PR Queen promoted the 2NE1′s new calendar. Full details on how to purchase the calendar for overseas shipping is located HERE.

2ne1 japan version of whats up we 2ne1 photobook cover

Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ lovely Gummy unnie~~~~~~!!! Happy birthday to you~ ^.^

2NE1 Special Photobook & Calendar 2013-2014: Entertainment and Sports

Blackjack nolza everyone~ this is… 2NE1′s 2013 calendar… hmmmmm…… ^^;;; cute???

Source: Dara’s Twitter

Translated by: teemoshuffle & 2NE1luvr @YGLadies.com

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