[130406] 2NE1 Special Photo Set & Desktop Calendar Box Set On Sale Now!! + Overseas Purchasing Details

2NE1 has released a limited edition photo set and desktop calendar filled with never before seen photos. Find out more below, plus how to get your hands on a copy today!

japan version of whats up we 2ne1 photobook cover


 2NE1 SPECIAL PHOTOBOOK & CALENDAR 2013-2014:  Entertainment/sports

Introduce some of the contents of the photo album and calendar! Gorgeous BIGBANG & 2NE1 80-page boxed special picture collection & desktop calendar on sale in limited quantities from 13:00 on April 6th (Sat) at famima.com!! Please check the details at the following sites: BIGBANG : http://www.famima.com/shop/a/a-bigbang/ 2NE1 : http://www.famima.com/shop/a/a-2ne1/   Product description:

WE ARE 2NE1” photo concept, all original pictures!! 80 pages of photos!!



  • April 2013 to April 2014 calendar. 13 pages inside cover.

Product size: Picture set = A4 size (224 x 308mm) / Calendar = B5 size (260 x 178mm)

Country of manufacture: Korea

Page count: Photo set = 80 pages / Calendar = 13 pages

Packaging: Dedicated box (box size = 236mm wide x 323mm long x 30mm thick)


How to Order the Calendar for Overseas Shipping

At famima shopping site, your purchases can be shipped overseas by using international forwarding service tenso.com. The shipping fee of tenso.com starts from 1390 yen.


Register for http://www.tenso.com/. Once registered you will be provided with the address of Tenso.com warehouse which your purchases are sent to be dispatched overseas.

Tenso.com is the international forwarding service. In order to ship your purchase overseas,  you need to sign up at Tenso.com, in addition to registration and placing the order at mu-mo shop.


Place the order at famima shopping site. (http://www.famima.com/shop/a/a-2ne1/). When placing the order, copy and paste your Tenso address onto the Number box in Address field.


Complete the forwarding process at Tenso.com. Once your purchases arrive at Tenso.com warehouse, you will be notified of shipping fee (please note you will be charged for applicable taxes in your territory). As soon as forwarding process is completed,the purchases are dispatched.

Basic service fee

The fee starting from 1,390yen~(Handing fee 490yen +International shipping fee 900yen~)

Note:The total fee varies according to the weight of the package and the destination.

Source: 2NE1′s Official Japanese Website; YG Entertainment Facebook

Translated by kyaccha@ygladies.com

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