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CL versus Jeremy Scott

CL is the bleach blonde mega-star of 2NE1, the K-Pop sensation that has taken Korea and the world by storm. She is also LA fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s good friend and muse.

A lot of the world’s most exciting music videos, and high fashion dance routines, aren’t coming from America anymore, but from the futuristic universe of K-pop – or Korean pop. Just look at G-Dragon’s surreal One of a Kind in which the flamboyant, fluorescent-plaited Big Bang heartthrob takes his tiger for a walk, dances with his baby bear and chills out in a Thom Browne short suit. Or even better, 2NE1’s I Am the Best, a sci-fi vision of CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom dancing around a black disco pyramid, all in silver Gareth Pugh outfits.

Now the picture perfect girl group’s rapper, CL (short for Chae Lin, “it’s simple like that”) is Jeremy Scott’s muse, and he’s flown her to New York Fashion Week to star in a cartoony, colourful shoot – trying out his lemon-lime yeti suit and peachy ‘Adults Suck, Then You Are One’ Tee – and to sit front row at his autumn/winter 13 show. “I’ve always wanted to go,” CL tells i-D, “but whenever Jeremy shows I’m always busy in Korea making albums so I never got to go until this time!” There at long last in Manhattan’s Milk Studios, the just-turned-22 singer sat alongside A$AP Rocky and Waka Flocka, in a gold-sequinned basketball jersey and black fur coat, and stole the frow (sp)!

130327 CL i-d magazine interview

Look 1 (stills): Jacket, bustier, shorts and earrings Jeremy Scott. Hat Jeremy Scott for New Era. Bustier and necklace Noir.

So how did CL and Jeremy’s stars first cross? Actually we go way back. When our first album came out, Jeremy saw the video and I was wearing his shoe collaboration with Adidas. Then he came to Korea to make a photoshoot with me and my band and that’s how we met. You know when you meet someone and you just know you’re going to be good friends? We had that connection and since then we’ve been like best friends. We can’t see each other that often, but we keep in touch, and when we are together we go shopping, we eat, we talk. I think we talk a lot!

130327 CL i-d magazine interview2

Look 2: Jacket, hoodie, bustier, jogging bottoms and shoes Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Hat Jeremy Scott for New Era. Ring and earrings Melody Eshani.

How did you become a K-pop star? In Korea we have a system, it’s not like in the US or the UK; I was trained… I had vocal lessons, dance lessons – all kinds of dance lessons – and language lessons too, like Japanese and Chinese because we go all around the world. It was like school, but it was fun because you’re doing what you enjoy – together every day with your bandmates, practising and singing, listening to music and all that.

Is it true that your boss at YG family won’t allow you any boyfriends? Yeah! We have this rule he made for us that we can’t date guys for five years, that started when our first album came out. But out here, people don’t really care if pop stars date people.

130327 CL i-d magazine interview3

Look 3: CL wears Coat and boots Jeremy Scott.

What do you have to do as an idol? You know how Japanese singers have idol groups? That’s what it’s like in Korea too. You have to be perfect. You have to perform well, you shouldn’t date anyone, you can’t go to clubs and you can’t have your free time. The fans are strict.

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Watch her move in this exclusive film by Luca Finotti.

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