[130303] So What Did You Miss? Special Edition: Minzy


Having taken a look at her unnies’ activities (CLDara & Bom) in the new year, we now turn our attention to what 2NE1′s maknae Minzy has been up to in our special SWDYM series.

Special Edition: Minzy

Though she hasn’t been as active as her fellow members in terms of travels or attending events during the past few months, Minzy has been fairly active with her hobbies and keeping fans informed about her activities.  So just what has this maknae been doing?

Minzy’s 20th Birthday!

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It seemed like just yesterday Minzy was the fresh-faced maknae with her cute bob haircut and pinchable cheeks.  However, she is now officially an adult with her 20th birthday!  She tweeted her thanks for the well wishes she received and all the love from fans.

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YGL also joined in the celebrations with a custom messagebook and donations to World Vision in the form of $2,400 worth of school supplies and 10 fruit trees (complementing the mango tree donations from the New Evo Concert support.  Check out the details here!

Using Talents for Charity:

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2NE1 members are known to support many charitable causes. Minzy has married her hobby with a charity through knitting.  She tweeted the above picture with the phrase “Challenge!!!!“. That challenge she has taken part in is a knitting charity that creates hats for newborn babies.  Isn’t she adorable?

Self-Discipline Galore:

collage minzy work out

We know that she finds strength and power in her dancing, but that also comes from her workouts with Hwangssabu. Over the past few months, Minzy has been regularly featured in the trainer’s “Self-Discipline” tweets.  From walking on the treadmill to doing her stretches, Minzy shows the dedication and hard work of self-discipline.

Domestic Goddess:

collage food with minzyRecently, Minzy seems really dedicated to cooking, above is the interesting looking salad she tweeted, asking us if we thought she did good. We think it’s fabulous maknae is experimenting with cooking, but those banana pieces look slightly out of place no? Haha. Minzy also recently tweeted pizzas she had cooked and it’s obvious that this is a newfound hobby of hers that she delights in . Hilariously, Hwangssabu saw the pizzas and replied with “I’m watching“. Check out Minzy’s reply to him here.

Experimenting with Makeup:

collage minzy jan feb makeupAlong with a newfound interest in cooking it seems Minzy is also beginning to self-apply makeup and experiment with looks that she feels comfortable with. She looks absolutely wonderful in the above picture, so we are glad she is showing interest in makeup! Maybe she can get more information from 2NE1′s own makeup guru, Bom unnie!

Sharing wise words:

minzy book tweet

As usual Minzy continues to amaze us with her thoughtfulness and ability to eloquently express her thoughts through interviews and  particularly through her tweets. One of our recent favorite quotes from her is this, her words are so beautiful they made us want to pick up a book:

“When flipping through a book page by page, each one of those pages become a firm foundation stone of life and a dewdrop (teardrop) that dampens your dry sensibilities. What keeps me from being trapped inside my tiny well is that I’m reading”

Obsession with Floatia:

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Along with keeping fans and friends updated through her Twitter and keeping in shape by training at the gym, Minzy was also ruling the skies during her time off.  It’s not a secret how she actively plays in “Rule the Sky”, an online world that allows players to build their own floating islands (aka Floatia). She’s tweeted multiple times in the past about her Floatia and was even featured in the game’s celebrity corner, “Rulebrity“.

She has been so active in the game, that Minzy (along with Dara) are now in a collaboration with the App, where two special items were created in relationship to the two members – a cross-stitch store with an image of Dougie inspired by Minzy (and a Tamtammie for Dara).  Minzy was so excited she shared her joy with her fans.

Posted Image

룰스에서 만들어주신 십자수건물 >_<#꺅!!! 생일선물로만들어주셨는데 센스있게 더기를 십자수도안으로 꺄악!너무이쁘다~빨리 나도 건설해야지!!!

The cross-stitch building that Rule the Sky made for me >_< Kyaa!!! They made it as a birthday present but they were witty and put Dougie in it! Kya!   So pretty~ I will go build it!@rule_the_sky – See more here

All Grown Up for Marie Claire:

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We were in awe to see how  feminine yet chic our maknae has become in her solo shoot with Marie Claire March edition. Her interview with them was also eye-opening as it shows how much more mature she has grown over the past year.

In the interview she also talked about 2NE1 and one particular quote really touched us:

“I have grown to rely on the unnies when it comes to emotional things. Since we’ve been together for a long time, we know how to respect each other. We know what we have to understand and we know what each of us lacks. We complete one another.” 

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Our maknae is blossoming right in front of our eyes and we can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table in 2NE1′s next comeback!

Written by: mizz m29@ygladies.com, fiyfly@ygladies.com, MzKyu@ygladies


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