[130223] CeCi Magazine (March 2013) Full Interview “Spring Be Pretty: Sandara’s Bloody Angel”

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Sandara’s Bloody Angel

Fantastic ! Dreaming Burgundy Look

This is the Bloody Angel Look that is being suggested by the beauty icon Sandara Park who enjoys shocking chances. She is showcasing her flawless face and pink lips who look like they’ve been dyed. Even though it’s daring, try the Angel Look with the boldly expressed burgundy color eye makeup.




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1. The makeup artist Park Taewoon who was in charge of the dramatic Bloody Angel Look said “In order to express the pink while maximizing it, it’s important to use foundation and clear the tone of your lips.”
2. Clio’s Bloody Angel Look that made this season’s trendy burgundy color wearable and Sandara Park even more charming.
3. Sandara Park’s recent favorite item, the burgundy color eyeliner. It’s a must have for her who usually enjoys thin and cute “slanted eyes” makeup.


Q. How does it feel now that you’ve become Clio’s new model?
Dara: I’ve always had enjoyable experiences as a cosmetics model. I am looking forward to seeing my matured image once I take away  my cute and girly T-shirt and sport my new look. Thinking of how my new image is going to be more feminine and charismatic thanks to the makeup concept makes me excited.

Q. What is the beauty rule you usually respect no matter what?
Dara: When my schedule is packed I always make efforts to sleep. After resting and getting enough sleep, your skin condition in front of the camera feels fresh again. I can feel my face shine when I wake up after sleeping refreshingly.

Q. When you apply makeup, what is the part you take care of the most if there’s one?
Dara : My eyeline! My eyes are round so when I want to give them a strong or charismatic feel, I draw my eyeline thickly to give them a change. I also enjoy using daring colors like the Bloody Series.

Q. What is the difference between your makeup on stage and the makeup in your daily life?
Dara : While I’m on stage, in order to follow the stage’s concept and the atmosphere the song, I like makeup that emphasizes glamour. However, when I don’t have any schedules, in my ordinary life, I draw a thin “slanted eyes” eyeline, it gives off a natural and distinct impression. If you draw a little and cute eyeline, you can look even more lovely.

Is anyone going to try Dara’s Bloody Look?

Source: CeCi Magazine — March 2013
Scan Source: 견과@Oh!My Goddess fansite
Translated by Kaeryn @ygladies.com

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