[130222] Allure Magazine (March 2013) Bom Interview “Spring, spring has come.”

Bom's Allure English Translated
Q: Today’s photo shoot was different from your usual image. Instead of a sexy appearance, we wanted to go for a feminine one, how was it?

A:Truthfully, I was a little taken aback at first. I like flowers, but I don’t wear flower print clothes a lot. A person like me taking a photo shoot surrounded by flowers…so today I let go of myself. I even let go of the usual make up I put on when I go out or when I’m on stage and left it all to the staff. This kind of image is still new and unfamiliar to me.

Q: You occasionally show us stages or photos of you in a very ‘strong’ image. I feel you’d have some awkward moments.
A: It surely is much different. However, my usual self is more close to that strong image rather than today’s. It’s because I usually don’t go out without my eyeliner and with every cut, it’d be awkward for me to check the photos. I showed today’s cuts to my mom and friends, they said it was pretty and told me to go around like this normally, and I’m pretty shocked. I began to think, ‘Oh, people think this appearance is pretty.’

Q: I believe 2NE1 isn’t walking the path of being a girl group that emphasizes a lovely image.
A: Since the style we pursue is a boyish concept, I think we look a little different than the usual girl groups. These days in between ourselves we talk of such, saying ‘We can show a feminine image as well!‘. We don’t want to walk a path entirely separate, because we’re girls too.

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Q: Does ‘being unique’ give you any pressure?
A:It doesn’t give me pressure. I just think of showing what I am without any embellishments. This goes for on stage as well as normally. The members are all unique as well. At first we were all worried, but after some time it became normal and our own uniqueness exerts an exhilarating and fun energy.

Q: After becoming a part of 2NE1, what was your most happiest moment and what was your moment you still ponder on with regret?
A: My happiest moment was when <I Don’t Care> received a Daesang on Mnet’s Asian Music Awards. Everyone probably has as well, but we really did work hard. What I’m not satisfied with is that I want to be more active, but I can’t. I want to go out on variety shows too. I especially want to appear on <Infinity Challenge> at least once. Last time I tagged along when G-Dragon was appearing on <Infinite Challenge>, and our 2NE1 members said that they really loved the show so we were ready to appear as soon as possible, but there’s still no news. They probably think we have no sense of humor for entertainment shows.

Q: <Infinite Challenge>’s PD, Kim Tae Ho thinks so?
A: No, Yang Hyun Suk sajang-nim thinks so. He’s still a difficult adult to us. So when we’re before him we try our best to act with manners, but since we’ve spent so much time out of Korea we don’t really know what acting with manners is so we stay quiet. Thus, he thinks we don’t have the talent, before he said he was shocked when he saw us on <2NE1 TV>.

Q: The other members matched themselves to different magazines and all took photo shoots as well. This is the first time it was conducted this way, were you conscious of this?
A: At first I wasn’t very conscious of it. But then while I was looking at the draft concepts I looked at a text message between my manager and the journalist, and it said that they needed to make the <Allure> photo shoot as pretty as possible. From there I began to take care of my skin.

Q: Today when you came into the studio, you came with a sheet mask on your face, is that care as well?
A:Yes, exactly that. I wanted to try my best even right before the photo shoot. Today my face was a little swollen.

Q: I heard that you always had a lot of interest in skin care and makeup. What kind of makeup do you take most time and interest in recently?
A:Fake Eyelashes. The ones that you can place right on and ones using makeup to express with. I like both. I buy a lot of interesting eyelashes overseas. Even within the same brands, the makeup you can get in Japan and England were different. That is why I tend to buy them whenever they are in sight.

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Q: Do you do your own makeup?
A: Usually. At first, I used to draw on thick eyeliner and put on big eyelashes. Then with the same amount of thick eyeliner, I started to reduce the big eyelashes and the responses I received from my fans were really positive. I had finally begun to realize this.

Q: When did you get interested in makeup? When was the first time you tried?
A: When I was young, I lived in America so there were a lot of opportunities of taking on makeup. Though it came off quickly, there was nail polish for children as well, so I eventually began to touch on it a lot and unconsciously developed an interest for it. Since my mother was a painter she made me draw, but I didn’t want to do it forcibly and I liked becoming beautiful, so I began to draw on my face. You know how make-up is as beautiful as the time you put into it. So I thought, this is it. I didn’t do it everyday, but I tried it first in Elementary School.

Q: Where do you do your cosmetics shopping, and what do you buy?
A: Shu Uemura has a lot of interesting fake eyelashes. Wherever I go, my purchases  are always focused on unique things. Recently, I bought an eyeliner in Japan.

Q: But only Dara seems to be active as a makeup model. Are you not interested in it or is there another reason?
A:Dara’s pretty. I want to try it too, but there hasn’t been any offers. I’ll do it with all my heart and passion so if you see this pictorial and change your mind, please contact me!

Q: What is a cosmetics product you always carry around? If you had to use one product for your whole life, what would you use?
A: I always take around eyeliner and concealer, if I could only use one then I’d choose BB cream. Eye make-up is important too, but my skin is thin so you can see the veins on my face. Tidying up your skin tone is the most important.

Q: How many cosmetics products do you own?
A: A lot. There are a lot of ones that I’ve bought and never used too. Since makeup has a expiration date, if I buy it and think that I will never use it, I give it to others.

Q: Is there a singer that you are aware of because of their skills in make-up?
A:We are conscious of other singers’ makeup when we’re on stage, but I don’t think there’s anyone more unique than us. Others look more pretty than unique. I don’t know if its because of my greed, but when doing makeup it eventually gets very fierce.

Q: The staff in charge of your make-up probably is nervous because you’re so good.
There are a lot of things I request, it would be hard to keep up with all the pretty and unique things, and excess and eccentric things I request.

Q: What is the source of your energy? You’ve been taking photos for 12 hours and it’s 4 in the morning, yet you’re still fine.
A: I think energy comes from songs. Up till now, there’s been a lot of times when I couldn’t show my full talent. There were times when it was because of technical difficulties with the equipment. So I always regret that I have so much more to show, but never always show it all. So I think I’m trying my best to show something, like today.

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Q: Don’t you hear from a lot of people that you’re good at singing?
A:When I’m good, people compliment me saying that when I sing live they thought it was a recording playing, but when my condition isn’t that good or if I made a mistake and other problems arise…I’m aiming for the better in the next album.

Q: Now’s the time for even idols to get married. Your dating ban has been lifted, don’t you want to date?
A:I’m always at home. So I’m not scared of paparazzi’s either. And there’s YG sanjang-nim’s influence as well. He did allow for public dating but his expression didn’t say the same. He said, ” Go date. Just tell me who it is.“. He’s really like a strict father.

Q: Maybe it’s because you’re in charge of the sexiness of the group that everyone has their attention on your appearance.
A: Truthfully my personality is more easygoing and cool. But since I enjoy wearing skirts and unique makeup I think it gradually became my image. Minzy was supposed to be in charge of the sexiness. Though she was underage and couldn’t even if she wanted to.

Q: So, since Minzy’s of age now, are you planning to hand over the role to her?
A:I don’t think that’d work. I’m being loved for my sexy image so I can’t forfeit it. Haha. And there is something I’ve been telling my fans. That I’d reveal my waist. I still didn’t keep that promise so I’m planning to in this album.

Q: What do you do with the members?
A:We usually eat something. Sandara loves to eat. So we eat together, but I’m the only one who gains weight.

Q: Are you the type that gains weight easily?
A: Even if I eat a little, I usually get swollen up the next day. So when I take a photo on those days, it becomes a little embarrassing. Those days seemed to become issues right away. Whenever that happens I drink corn tea that I usually enjoy, it helps to settle down the swelling. Corn seems to fit me well. Oh, a corn CF came in as well. Corn in a can. But they told me I had to wear a *tight outfit*, so I gave up on it.

Q: Of course it is impossible to take a perfect picture wherever, whenever you are. If those paparazzi pictures surface online, how do you respond to it?
A: I eat to let go of the stress. You know you have to let go of it in any way possible? Hwangssabu shouldn’t see this. Ah It’s fine. I’ll just exercise.

Q: How is 30 years old Bom? Is it any different?
A:It’s cool. Becoming 20 is actually more difficult. From when I was young I always thought that to become my dream singer the time was important. I was worried as to what I’d do if I didn’t become a singer by the time I was in the 20s. But I wasn’t late. Thankfully.

Q: Isn’t it a burden to show a new image every album?
A: I’m not worried. Disregarding the result, I think I’d be satisfied with all 2NE1′s four members showing their true sides. But there is still a lot we wish to show.

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Source: Allure Magazine Korea
Hard Copy Scans & Interview Transcription by @Nokiov of thebom fansite
Translated by 2ne1luvr & yoophoric@ygladies.com

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