[121218] CL Discusses Fashion Icon, Music, and the Future in Ketchup Magazine Interview

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When Big Bang came to Hong Kong for a concert last week, it was as if everyone in the entire city went to a frenzy. IG’s facebook was flooded with visitors which was testament once again to the fact that the Korean wave is not to be taken lightly. There’s also the female Big Bang, 2NE1, who’s popular from Asia to USA, who were awarded the Best New Band (worldwide) award from MTV Iggy last year and even had stops in USA during their concert tour this year.

Leader CL supported her close friend, Jeremy Scott, by flying in to attend the Hong Kong World Trade Centre ‘wtc more’ event which celebrated Jeremy Scott’s Christmas Light fixture design for the mall just a while ago. Of course, Ketchup couldn’t let this let this opportunity slip away and grabbed an exclusive interview with CL.

CL has a cool outer appearance and seemed to be hard to get along, but in actual fact she was so nice and even called out ‘darling’ upon meeting the reporter. CL, who’ve lived in Japan and France, was super fluent in English and it was totally challenging to communicate with her (T/N: as they spoke cantonese). She wore new outfits from JS’ S/S 2013 collection for this shoot and interview.

– ♠ –

Q: You’ve lived in Japan, France and Korea and is fluent in 4 languages, namely English, French, Korean and Japanese. Where do you think is the most fashionable?
A: Actually each place has it’s own fashionable side to it and they all inspire me, however I remember when I was about 10 (years old), I would go with my friends to play ,but for shopping, I had to go by myself because it was just a relationship between me and shopping. Because I didn’t have much allowance then, I bought mostly normally-priced stuff such as jeans, tees etc.

Q: Wow so you’ve begun shopping since you were 10; who was your fashion icon then?
A: When I was 10, I’d only think that ‘this is really cool’ or ‘this is really pretty’ when I read magazines, but never really had just one fashion icon; but now Grace Jones is my fashion icon!

Jones, a Jamaican-born perfomer, is better known as a model and singer. Her androgynous appearance, and outrageous musical act employing live lions and leopards, has made her a cult favorite, and propelled her into several acting roles. (More at imdb and wikipedia)

Q: Since you love fashion and often wear brands such as Chrome Hearts, Versace and Jeremy Scott, do you have any plans of launching a fashion line yourself or owning a boutique?
A: Since day one, I’ve decided to become a singer and a performer. To me, music is the most important. Fashion is just like music’s best friend; I love matching the fashion that I love with music. An example would be when I rapped out the name of designers in a song (Can’t Nobody); Balmain, KTZ, Jeremy Scott… However that said, there were lots of times when.. for example I have this gun-shaped ring, and before long, it actually appears among the items in the next (fashion) season! Maybe I do have the talent to go into fashion after all.

Q: How did you get to know Jeremy Scott?
A: Before getting to know him (personally), I already wore the shoes that he designed for Adidas, and afterwards there was a time when he came to Korea and we became good friends since then. Every one of his designs are unique and one of a kind. This is why I’m so fascinated by him. He is also very sweet in person.

Q: The shoes that were the result of the collaboration between 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott were released last December. How did this collaboration come about?
A: Actually at first Jeremy showed me the sketch that he did and I loved it, so it was decided that he would work with 2NE1 to discuss the colour combination.

Q: Which colour represents CL best?
A: Actually my favourite colours are black and gold, but sapphire blue is also one of my favourites. It’s rare to have an affinity with blue, but this is precisely why I love it. There are lots of things that are blue too, such as the sky, sea… I really love the feeling of drifting at sea; when I was young I lived in Tsukuba (Japan), it was very close to the sea and I often played at the water.

– ♠ –

During the course of the interview, there was nothing that CL wouldn’t talk about. We talked about how Jeremy Scott likes SpongeBob and she even revealed herself to like Crayon Shin Chan due to her dad’s influence. It’s hard to believe how someone who looks so cool can actually be so adorable.

Fashion notes from the magazine: The Melody Eshani Benz earrings are a gift to CL from Jeremy Scott. The gold bracelet, crystal studded nail tip and Versace necklaces are all CL’s own.

YGLadies’s Style File on CL in Hong Kong HERE.

Source: Ketchup Magazine (Hong Kong)
Translated by nyldeabcd@ygladies.com

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