[121023] Epik High Discusses How Park Bom was Chosen to Feature in “Up”

Epik High has returned  with the release of the single “It’s Cold“, which immediately obtained an all-kill on the charts. Then, they released their new album 99 which has album been loved were interviewed at the YG Building recently.  Here are some segments from that interview.

Tablo: We thought about who should sing “Up.” Even the guide had a hard time singing it. We asked Bom because she is good at power vocals.

Tablo: The members even said that they could hear Park Bom while listening to the song before we chose her.

Tablo: Bom‘s condition wasn’t great when she sang it so we’re very thankful.

Tablo: Many people said we are like idols after seeing our album jacket. It was nice to wear pretty clothes. (laughs)

Mithra: Personally, during this promotion I want people to say ‘Seeing Epik High makes me happy‘ and ‘They have fun on stage.’

Tablo: I’m pretending this album is our debut album. We’ll work hard as if we are newbies. I really missed the stage.

Tablo: We missed meeting audiences as three. We want to be on stage. It doesn’t matter if its a broadcast, a performance, or a club event.

Meanwhile, Epik High is currently promoting new studio album ’99′ their first release in three years with a double title track ‘ UP ‘ and ‘ Do not Hate Me ’.

The group also mentioned Park Bom in their album commentary video posted on their Official Youtube Page.

Source: xoxo2shy@YT

Source: Newsen

Translated by kristinekwak@ygladies.com

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