[130306] 2NE1 on 2012 Hard Copy Album Sales Pie Chart + Sales Clarification

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Earlier today, Korean netizens posted pie charts on Instiz organizing album sales by company and by artist. Blackjacks seem upset over 2NE1‘s lower-than-expected percentages on these charts. This surprised us, until we realized that some fans were not clear on what exactly the charts were reporting.

In the pie graph for YG Entertainment, Big Bang accounts for 50% of YG Entertainment’s Korean hard copy album sales in 2012, with the release of a 2012 mini album and repackage. G-Dragon‘s solo sales are an additional 26%, which was followed by Psy‘s 12%, 2NE1‘s 4%, and Epik High’s 3%. This chart only accounts for physical album sales, so it makes perfect sense that 2NE1, who hasn’t released an album of new music since July, 2011, would not have a large percentage of a hard copy album chart for 2012.

We previously reported that according to GAON’s yearly album chart, 2NE1 sold 40,000+ hard copy Korean albums this year. Their only new album this year was their New Evolution Live Concert CD released in December. Despite this, 2NE1′s ‘2nd mini album‘ charted on the 2012 GAON Album Chart once again with 18,416 units sold.

These may not seem like amazing numbers, but for a group who had just three weeks of promotions in 2012 for a digital single, they are in fact fantastic. This also doesn’t take away from 2NE1′s terrific digital sales for “I Love You“, landing at #6 on 2012 GAON Overall Digital Chart.

Although it would be wonderful if 2NE1 was #1 on every chart in existence, that is just not going to happen. There are many girl groups  that promoted relentlessly in 2012 and are nowhere to be on these album pie charts. 

We know everyone is on edge waiting on a full promotion cycle for our girls, but let’s try to keep things in proper perspective.

Source: Instiz, allkpop
Article by staff@ygladies.com


Other Pie Charts:

Percentage of total album sales in 2012 by company

Since Super Junior and TVXQ took up the #1 and #3 spots overall for album sales in 2012, it’s not surprising that SM Entertainment artists accounted for 28% of the total album sales for 2012. They were followed by YG Entertainment, who had 15% of the sales.

Surprisingly, #3 was INFINITE‘s Woollim Entertainment with 6%, followed by B2ST4minute, andG.NA‘s Cube Entertainment with 5%. FNC Entertainment, with CNBLUEF.T. IslandAOA, and Juniel followed. Another surprising number came up next with B1A4‘s WM Entertainment with 3%. JYJ‘s C-JeS Entertainment came up next, and then JYP Entertainment and Core Contents Media wrapped up the rest of the companies at 3%.

Percentage of total album sales in 2012 by artist

The artists were then ranked – Super Junior and Big Bang took up the first two spots with 10% and 8% respectively. Various Artists was third with 7% which combined all the OST sales. TVXQ came in fourth with 7% as well, followed by INFINITE, SHINee, G-Dragon, B1A4, JYJ’s Junsu, and Busker Busker.


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