[121214] From the Red Carpet to Performance – a Recap of 2NE1 at the ’2012 Melon Music Awards’

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Even before the show began livestreaming, Blackjacks were practically foaming at the mouth for a chance to see the girls at an award show.  It seems like it has been so long since the Fashionistas strutted their stuff, and everyone was eager to see what 2NE1 would wear.  As expected, 2NE1 was the TALK OF THE TOWN.

Heating up the Red Carpet

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More Red Carpet Photos HERE

They looked AMAZING, right? It seems like YGL was correct in some of our Award Season Speculations posted a few hours before the show.  Blackjacks chose Balmain as the brand they expected to see the girls wearing on the Red carpet and sure enough, we spotted some Balmain, as well as a host of other edgy designers.

Don’t worry; our YGL Fashion Writers are hard at work scoping out the designers for both the girls’ red carpet and performance outfits. We will have a YGL “Style File” coming up soon (about 90% ID’d) so we can check out all the lovely pieces 2NE1 wore.

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Over 130 More Red Carpet Photos HERE

Writer’s Notes: Over-all my favorite look goes to Bom, who was definitely one of the media highlights post event, what with dozens of articles posted up in the past week about her supposedly yo-yo-ing weight.  Whenever she wears a short black dress and killer heels, she pretty much steals the show. I also liked how CL was showing of her perfect thighs (just a little ;) ).

Make-up and hair styling-wise, Minzy‘s hair keeps growing on me. I absolutely adore the way it frames her face and gives her that edgy aura here. Dara without a weird hairdo and outfit at an red-carpet event?  Is this a miracle??  She looked amazing!

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Check out a clip of their red-carpet interview:

MCTheir style is amazing, but their stage presence is the best!
CLI’m excited since its been a long time since we’ve performed in Korea, so let’s play.
MCWhich member paid most attention to their style today?
BomI tried to dress well so that my body line looks amazing.
Dara2NE1′s performance is for fun and playing so everyone, nolza!

Whose outfit /styling was your favorite?

Immediately after the Red-carpet, 2NE1‘s appearance at the show was making headlines in Korea, hitting #1 on the searches of many real-time news portals, including Nate:

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Winning TOP 10 Award For “I Love You”

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For the 3rd year in a row, 2NE1‘s amazing digital sales on MelOn.com allowed them to win an Top 10 Melon Award. All 10 winners, including 2NE1, were announced before the actual show so this win was not a surprise.  However the award is a testament to the amazing digital success of “I Love You,” 2NE1′s only Korean release of the year. (Be Mine was never released for sale.)

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Additional photos of the 2NE1 accepting their award HERE


Check out the cute acceptance speech – CL thanks Blackjacks too!

CLThank you to Yang Hyunsuk for making 2NE1, Teddy oppa, and our staff. Thank you to everyone who listens to our music.
Also thank you to our Blackjacks. Our album is coming out soon, so look out for it. And thank you to our members



Taking the Stage with “I Love You”

2NE1 were the 2nd last performers of the night, and as you can expect Blackjacks were getting super impatient for them to hit the stage! Thus, it was a frenzy of relief and spazzing when they finally performed. There was some disappointment from the lack of ‘special-ness’ as typically award show performances are more elaborately staged and unique. However, no one was disappointed with the passion and energy the girls threw into this performance.

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What did you think of their stage?

More MMA Footage HERE

It’s through these type of shows we get to see the ever so rare 2NE1 X Other Idol interactions, not to mention oodles and oodles of cute and adorkable 2NE1.

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Fans were especially happy to see boy groups BAP and INFINITE enjoying 2NE1′s performance.

@around 7:25

Not to mention this cute moment of Bom intereacting with Blackjacks


And let’s not forget the Magic Trick Event midway through the show.

More Fancams HERE

What were your highlights? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

For more pictures from the Event visit YGL Gallery: Here and Here {More Gifs Here}


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