[121122] 2NE1 Nominated in the 22nd Annual High1 Seoul Music Awards

The nominee list for upcoming 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards 2012 has been revealed! 2NE1 is nominated in 2 categories, “Popularity” and “Bonsang“. These will be 2NE1′s fifth Seoul Music Award nominations, though they have never won.

Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 22nd Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2012 will be held on 31st January 2013.


Full List of Bonsang Nominees
FT Island – I Wish
B1A4 – Baby Goodnight
HyunA – Ice Cream
Huh Gak – People Who Love Me
4minute – Volume Up
Teen Top – It’s Crazy
T-ara – Day By Day
K. Will – Please Don’t…
KARA – Pandora
G-Dragon – Crayon
ZE:A – Spectacular
Lee Seung Gi – Love Taught Me To Drink
U-KISS – Dora
Wonder Girls – Like This
Epik High – It’s Cold
MBLAQ – It’s War
Orange Caramel – Lipstick
f(x) – Electric Shock
A-Pink – Bubibu
After School – Flashback
IU – Every End of the Day
Kim Jong Kook – All Men Are Like That
IVY – Torn Heart
CN Blue – Hey You
Sistar – Loving U
PSY – Gangnam Style
Shinhwa – Venus
Super Junior – Sexy, Free, and Single
Son Dam Bi – Dripping Tears
Girls’ Generation TTS – Twinkle
SHINee – Sherlock
Se7en – When I Cant Sing
Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
Boyfriend – Love Style
Block B – Nillili Mambo
BoA – Only One
Beast – Beautiful Night
JYP – Youre The One
miss A – I Don’t Need A Man
Lynn – Back In Time
Leesang – 겸손은 힘들어
TVXQ! – Catch Me
Dal Shabet – Hit U
Davichi – I’ll Think Of You
Noel – Leaving
Naul – Memory of the Wind
Ga-In – Bloom
2NE1 – I Love You
2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

Nominated for High1 Popularity award:

  • Combined list of singers from nominee list of BonSang and Newcomer award
  • Background info: Seoul Music Awards joined hands with High1 resort in 2008 to further promote the event when Hallyu wave was growing stronger.

Additional information (Thanks to BeBe):

  • Daesang : One Daesang artist chosen from the 10 Bonsang artists
  • Bonsang : Top 10 artists are chosen. Voting(20%) Digital/Album sales(40%) Research(10%) Judges(20%)
  • Rookie : 3 chosen
  • Mobile Popularity(determined by fan voting) : 1 or 2
  • Other Awards:
    • Record of the Year, or Best Album is awarded to the best full-length album.
    • Record of the Year in Digital Release is awarded to the best full-length album, mini-album (extended play) or single in digital release.
    • Performance Award is awarded to best live performer of the year.
    • Trot Award is awarded to the performer of trot music.
    • Hip Hop Award is awarded to the performer of Hip hop music.
    • R&B/Ballad Award is awarded to the performer of the R&B/ballad music.
    • Hallyu Special Award is awarded to the performer who gained popularity around the world during the year.


  • Voting will start from 27th of November until 30th of January 2013
  • Voting method is by using mobile phone and entering voting key
  • High1 Popularity award: Based 100% on mobile votes
  • For Bonsang, Daesang and Newcomer award: Based 20% on mobile votes

Based on past history it seems this ceremony has a a no-show, no-award policy.  In any event, CONGRATULATIONS to 2NE1 for the nominations.

Source: Seoul Music Awards official site | sookyeong.wordpress

Article by staff@ygladies.com

In other 2NE1 scheduling news (click links for more deals about each event)

  • 11/30 — New Evolution in Singapore Press Conference (Time TBD)
  • 11/30 — Sara Wee Interview in Singapore
  • 11/30 — 2012 MNET  Music Awards (MAMAs) in Hong Kong [2NE1’s Appearance Unconfirmed]
  • 12/1   — New Evolution -Singapore
  • 12/3   — Last day to preorder 2NE1′s New Evo Live CD
  • 12/3 — Last day to enter Etude House-PH’s ’Let’s Play: From Dull to “Doll” Contest Event
  • 12/4   — 2NE1′s New Evo Live CD released
  • 12/8   — New Evolution -Malaysia {Cancelled}
  • 12/8   — So-Loved Awards Winners announced
  • 12/10 — will.I.am’s #willpower album featuring a song with 2NE1 is scheduled for release
  • 12/14 — 2012 Melon Awards [Livestream via Youtube]
  • 1/18 — Minzy’s Birthday
  • 1/31  — 22nd Annual High1 Seoul Music Awards [2NE1’s Appearance Unconfirmed]
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