[130413] Minzy (@mingkki21) “Ms Mingkki’s triple combo … The hot Happening stage gotta go on!!”

130413 Minzy selca from happening concert happening stage

What a Happening stage 2NE1 had today. The girls just finished killing it at Psy‘s Happening concert, they did an absolutely fabulous job, Minzy posted this fabulous selca immediately after their performance. Photos from the performance HERE and videos HERE.

Ms Mingkki’s triple combo ㅋㅋ headbanging + the leg-shaking harlem shake + cartwheel ^^ The hot Happening stage gotta go on!! Go go go!

It was the best~~!!!!!!!

Minzy was absolutely unleashed last night!

cr: chaenelplusgiyongchy@tumblr


Source: Minzy’s Twitter

Translated by:  nyldeabcd@ygladies.com

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