[130411] 2NE1 to celebrate re-opening of Adidas’ Myungdong Branch the ‘Nation’s Biggest Flagship Store’

2NE1 re-opening adidas biggest flagship in myeongdong

More photos of 2NE1 at the Myeogdong Store for the Launch of their JScott X 2NE1 Wings – CLICK HERE.

Adidas announced on the 11th that it would renovate its first store in Myeongdong to a massive flagship store and open it to the public on the 12th. On the 19th, a week after the opening, the leading models for the brand in Korea, 2NE1, will be making a visit to the store. They will be hosting various events and also tour the newly renovated store.

Adidas is having a special opening event on the big day, where all of the customers who buy from the store on the 12th will be given a ticket to a concert by Snoop Dogg (the global advertisement model for the company) in Korea [2NE1 is the special guest for this concert]. In addition, those who are part of the Adidas’ mobile membership or the members of the Adi-Club will be invited to the ‘adi-Night party.

2ne1 myungdong adidas

The 4-story store is divided into sections based on gender and the type of product. It has an area of 1,450 m2, and the store that was originally 2 stories was expanded to include 4 floors. The newly opened store’s concept was to allow customers to “experience Adidas’ everything,” and the store will live up to its concept by housing every single one of Adidas’ brands and services.

The first floor is made up of women and children’s clothing whereas the second floor of men’s clothing. The third floor has sports-related products such as cleats, basketball jerseys, and tennis shoes, and lastly, the fourth floor is made up of Adidas Original products as well as items that have never been seen before. There are also numerous spaces within the store where tired shoppers could sit down and rest for a while, all of which have been decorated to match with the concept of whichever floor they are located on. This emphasis on the importance of the customer’s comfort shows that they are looking to provide the best service possible.

The interior of the store reflects both the history of the Adidas brand as well as the traditional design of other Adidas stores. The store is a balance of white and black and colour and has a retro feeling, which goes with the concept of the confluence of tradition and innovation. There is also a section of the store dedicated to the official balls of the World Cup and to the history of Adidas by year, which can be a source of entertainment for those weary of shopping.

A retail associate of Adidas Korea said, “by having various marketing strategies in the store, we will emerge as a major site for Korean shopping.”

Source: Nate 1 & 2
Translated by: 2NE1luvr@YGLadies.com with help from Yoonjie Park

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