[130401-0405] Artlab Nail’s Facebook: CL’s Chanel Nails & Dara’s Blackjack Nails

Looks like CL & Dara both visited ArtlabNails just before their special guest appearance at G-Dragon‘s concert. Their nail tech and friend Seung Hee posted their confirmation shots on her twitter and the Artlab Nails Facebook.

130401 Dara Nail Art artlab

2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR, DARA`s Blackjack nail~! 이번엔 심플한 네일을 원하셔서 2ne1을 상징하는 카드네일로 최대한 깔끔하고 심플하게 해드렸답니다~^^

Proof shot this time, too! Thanks~^^ I went to the event, it was so cool!!

2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR, DARA’s Blackjack nail~! This time, because 2NE1 wanted a simple and clean nail design, we simply added card symbols.

cl artlAb nails

2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR, CL`s chanel nail~! 맘씨착한 씨엘양덕분에 아트랩식구들도 콘서트 구경을 다녀왔어요~^0^ G-DRAGON의 다채로운 무대와 연출, 퀄리티에 저희는 완전히 반해버리고 돌아왔다는..^^; CL양은 말할것도없이 카리스마 대박! 앞으로 나올 2ne1앨범과 CL양의 솔로앨범도 아트랩이 열심히 응원할게요!!


2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR, CL’s chanel nail~! Thanks to the kind-hearted CL that even Artlab’s workers were able to attend the concert~^ㅇ^ G-DRAGON’s colorful stage, we totally fell in love with the concert’s quality..^^; On the other hand, needless to say, CL’s charisma is daebak! Artlab will work hard to support 2NE1′s upcoming album and Miss CL’s solo album!!

Source: Artlab’s Facebook 1 || 2 and Seung Hee Nail Tech’s Twitter

Translated by: CLassifiedKJOP@ygladies.com

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