[130413] Lee Hayi Shares a Cute CL Story on Park SoHyun’s Radio Show

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Yesterday, Lee Hayi appeared as a guest in Park SoHyun’s radio broadcast and there, she discussed CL among other topics.  Thanks to a kind Lee Hayi fan we have a cut of the live radio parts on CL. ^^

Recall that in a recent interview, Hayi had revealed that she’s impressed by CL and wanted to collaborate with her. She shows her love for CL once again this time around.

In this radio show, Hayi mentioned CL as a singer she’d want to have a featuring with. She also shared a story of when CL bought her a meal in Apgujeong.

Park SoHyun: You’re featuring with Epik High was liked by many, but if you were to pick a singer to feature in your song, who would it be? (3315′s question)
Hayi: Yes, I…
Park SoHyun: Together… whose album?
Hayi: I always thought that it’d be wonderful if CL-sunbae would do it with me, but this time, sunbae said she’d do it with me in Inkigayo, so I feel very honored.
Park SoHyun: I feel that it’s going to be a great performance. Just by hearing this news, I’m excited.

Park SoHyun: Nowadays, where do you go out to eat? Earlier… you mentioned eating somewhere with CL-unni?
Hayi: That.. Apgujeong? Apgujeong?
Park SoHyun: You even went out though it’s far from the company.
Hayi: Yes.
Park SoHyun: You didn’t eat somewhere near the company.
Hayi: There’s lots of food places near the company, but our company’s cafeteria is really… the canteen is really good.
Park SoHyun: Oh, have you been to SBS’s canteen? Here in SBS?
Hayi: No.
Park SoHyun: Ah, then you can’t compare it. Do you like it (YG’s canteen)? If you don’t eat there, (it seems that) you eat somewhere else?
Hayi: Yes.
Park SoHyun: Before, during your school days, you didn’t get to go around Apgujeong, did you? Ms. Lee Hayi?
Hayi: That’s right.
Park SoHyun: Ah, you didn’t?
Hayi: It’s probably because I live in Bucheon. It’s somewhat far from there, so I think that’s why I couldn’t go.
Park SoHyun: I see. That’s a change because of your debut, huh?
Hayi: It seems so.
Park SoHyun: Moving from a far away place.
Hayi: Usually, I don’t go to far places, but (CL) sunbae said she’d buy me a meal… (I got to eat in a far food place) (laughs)


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Source: clmygoddess
Translated by: CLASSIFIEDKJOP@ygladies.com/KellyJane@CLTheBaddestFemale.com
Edited by staff@ygladies.com

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