[130412] Korean designer Lie Sang Bong “I always admire CL’s daring style.”

Famed Korean designer Lie Sang Bong has gushed his admiration for CL’s style once again. Recall that back in December he tweeted about her.2ne1 cl lie sang bong


In a generation where picking the right clothes to wear is considered a competition, who do ‘people who create clothes’ acknowledge as fashionistas?  We’ve asked designers who are meticulous in observing people and clothes. There’s no exact answer. It’s the variety and diversity. Some said this ‘muse’ who’s also known as a ‘fashionista’ doesn’t care about what others think but has belief in herself/himself. Some also said though his/her attires are simple, nevertheless, they feel that ‘he/she looks so good in it.’ However, even most of the designers’ feel the same way about this ‘fashion icon.’ This idol is a group member who’s chosen many times as a ‘fashionista.’ Their jobs depending on other people’s eyes and attention, the results are unpredictable.

Designer Lie Sang Bong who creates traditional, Korean fashion; Designer Son JeongWan who creates a craze in elegant, lady-like, ‘CheongDam-Dong daughter-in-law look,’ an art in international market; Designer Jung KuHo, who received acknowledgement in the woolen fabric industry; Designer Kwan HyunJu known for her ‘celeb’ looks;  Designer Kye HwanHee who was a participant in New York’s Fashion Week ‘Concept Korea’ and was also chosen as a leader in next generation fashion; Designer Lee Chung-chung, a creative director of ‘LIE’ which was recently launched together with Lie Sang-Bong; the opinions of these top designers in the nation will be  revealed.

▶The best ‘fashionista’ G-Dragon… Designers love ‘idol fashion’ = A person from the fashion world retorted, “Do you still not know which ‘fashionista’ designers like the most?” The public likes him, celebrities envy him, even many designers acknowledge him as a ‘fashion icon,’ he’s Big Bang’s Leader, G-Dragon. He is also considered like a ‘brand’ together with group members from Big Bang and YG Entertainment. He has also built his own style in the music world.

Designer Lee Chung-chung commented, “Even though G-Dragon wear daring outfits, he doesn’t look weird in it,” and added, “He flaunts varieties of styling, and always make it look perfect.” Additionally, Designer Kye HwanHee says, “He creates his own style like wearing Thom Browne’s (American designer for men’s clothing) suit pairing it with a baseball cap.” He also added, “It’s a very refined look but still has a little-boy feel.”

Another Big Bang member who designers are definitely looking forward to as a ‘fashionista’ is TOP. One of the best designers after Andre Kim, Designer Lie Sang-Bong commented about TOP’s fashion. “Though he always shows his colors through his styling, it doesn’t look awkward.” In addition, Lie Sang-Bong complimented, ”Just like his name, his fashion sense is ‘TOP’ as well.

Idols from certain girl groups like 2NE1′s CL, Girl’s Generation’s Jessica, and Wonder Girls’ SoHee has entered the radar of the top designers. Designer Son JeongWan who class-A female celebrities look up to commented about Jessica, “She creates this lady-like vibe be it on stage or shows; she also sticks with her sophisticated airport fashion.

Designer Lie Sang-Bong explained, “I always admire CL’s daring style. It’s amazing how she has the skills to properly combine simple but diverse products. She completes the style with her impressive attitude.” Wonder Girls’ SoHee’s ‘mix-match’ style got Designer Lee Chung-chung’s attention.


▶Born to be a ‘fashionista’… Female actresses are Designers’ ‘muse’= though many people take idol stars as their ‘fashion icon,’ on the other hand, designers envy those ‘born to be a ‘fashionista” with great bodies.  Perhaps, a ‘muse’ is like their oxygen.

3 of Korea’s female actresses: Song HyeGyo + Choi JiWoo + Jang MiHee in Jung KuHo’s ‘hexa by kuho.’ A unique but beautiful face and body type that fits clothes very well is weighed in more than a luxurious style.

Moreover, Executive Director’s Jung commented on Song HyeGyo before the photos were displayed for Chanel’s ‘Little Black Jacket.” Designer Jung said, “She is a female actress that fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and other world-class writers would choose if they were to choose globally.”

Designer Lee Chung-chung and even the public mass approves of famous actress Gong HyoJin as a ‘fashionista.’

This designer also commented about Gong HyoJin who has a nice body shape, “Whatever item or styling, her body has this mystery that makes it have a ‘Gong HyoJin’ feel.

Source: News HeraldCorp
Translated by: CLASSIFIEDKJOP@ygladies.com/KellyJane@CLTheBaddestFemale.com (CLTBF)

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