[130411] Global Icon (@Global_Icon) members AI & Aram adore 2NE1

collage global icon 2ne1

Global Icon recently debuted with a tomboy concept and when member AI and Aram were asked if they like 2NE1, and they said they adores them. AI is the group’s rapper, but she is also an experienced rapper having appearing in movies My Way, Glove, Little Black Dress plus shows Road No. 1 and High Kick!/Unstoppable High Kick and more. Aram is one of the group’s vocalist and appeared as an actress on MBC’s The Great Birth Season 1.

aram and AI of global icon

Global Icon’s AI & Aram

 [AI] I absolutely adore the 2ne1-sunbaes!!!!!!ㅎㅎㅎ


If you haven’t’ checked out their debut single “” check it out below:

Source: Global Icon’s Official twitter
Translated by CLassifiedKJOP@ygladies.com
Thanks to @HausOfThayssa for the tips.

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