[130410] Korean Rapper Myx interested in working with 2NE1′s CL

130410 Myx and CL

In an interview with Seoulbeats, Korean Rapper Myx mentioned wanting to work with 2NE1′s CL.


Interviewer: I have to ask this. If you had to work with an idol. Who would it be?



Interviewer: Why do you like CL?

MYK: I think she has swag. She has a really cool swag.” “She definitely has her own unique swag as a female, a singer, and as a rapper MC.”


Michael Y. Kim (MYK) is MC, DJ, producer and instrumentalist―is a one-man musical powerhouse hailing from the Bay Area.

“MYK is releasing a new album under his new label Dream Factory called “SALTNPAPER,” set to drop on iTunes on April 16th. The music video for “모자” will be released the day before, and the album features Tablo and Iza Lach.” He has already released the track “Lovestrong” off the album.


MYK mentioned CL starting at 33:55

Source: seoulbeats
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