[130408] W Korea Editor: “CL’s capabilities is needless to say, amazing.”

130407 CL W Korea

In her letter from the editor, W Korea Magazine’s editor, extols the virtues or our one and only baddest female, CL.

CL is extremely intelligentAlways calm and passionate, never ever flops. Though this is only from the editor’s point of view, nevertheless, it’s understandable.

How can one not love this kind of girl? The mercury on a thermometer decreases because of the climate change, large amount of snow piled up, car stopped resulting in wardrobe not being delivered, the places they go to are packed with police because of safety precautions causing a delay for the shoot, it’s like there’s a time bomb. However, though it seemed like the bomb went off, ironically, the shoot went smoothly.

This all happened because of CL’s excellent leadership and helping the staff become and work as one, CL’s capabilities is needless to say, amazing. Additionally, thanks to the London-based photographer Lama, close friend YOON Ambush who came from Japan, stylist Yang Seungho, hairstylist SeoYoon, make-up artist Kim Jukyeong, and thanks to London’s correspondent. This all happened because of all the staff members’ brilliant teamwork!

collage CL four spot from W-Korea

Collage by YGL staff, HQ Scans HERE

Source: clmygoddess + 21_tok

Translated by: CLASSIFIEDKJOP@ygladies.com/KellyJane@CLTheBaddestFemale.com (CLTBF)

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