[130407] Movie Star Hwang Jung Min, “I really liked CL too, when I saw her at the concert.”

Hwang Jung Min 2ne1 cl gd

This article is on actor Hwang Jung Min who attended G-Dragon’s One of A Kind concert in Seoul and said that it would be great if his child could be as cute as GD.

Below is an excerpt from the article where CL is mentioned.

I don’t have friends that I’m especially close with. I’m now still at the stage where I’m receiving SMSes here and there.” “I really liked CL too, when I saw her at the concert. She seemed free spirited just like G-Dragon.” I’m really envious of their free spirited ways. This is also why I like Ryu Seung Bum.” “Honestly, I can’t be free spirited like that. Even my ad-lib scenes.. I’d have to plan them one by one before I can act them out.

T/N: ‘free spirited’ in this context means more of ‘confident’ and ‘spontaneous’

Some of you may, or may not know this but Hwang Jung Min is one of Korea’s most respected and famous actor.

Source : hankooki
Translated by: CLTheBaddestFemale.com (CLTBF)

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