[121215][STYLE FILE] Jet-setting to Hong Kong ‘CL style’

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So. As the title of this style file suggests, CL was in Hong Kong recently to have some party fun with her biffle Jeremy Scott. More specifically, CL was in Hong Kong “on her day off” to celebrate the special Christmas light fixture Jeremy had designed at the Hong Kong World Trade Centre.

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Damn, gurl!

Let’s be honest. Jeremy Scott’s clothes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea- but on CL; it just all looks so damn fab I just want to cry ;_; CL is dazzling me to the point I’m considering writing this with sunglasses on. How sassy does she look? I’m convinced the girl should act as a lighthouse for the ships coming into Victoria Harbour at night. She’d save the day and still look boss doing so.

It’s pretty well documented that the Fab 4 of 2NE1 love wearing Jeremy Scott apparel as part of their everyday wardrobe, so it’s practically a no brainer that CL was wearing…you guessed it, items from Jere Bear’s most recent collection (“Arab Spring” SS/13), that was presented at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, to his par-tay that night.

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Correction: CL’s earrings are Melody Eshani Doorknockers avail for $48USD here.

There seems to be some pieces that made their public debut on CL that night- I’m talking about the ‘Flourish sunglasses’! Do you reckon you’ve seen this print design before? You’d be right if you said yes!

Image of Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Pliage "Leopard Flourish" Bag

You see, not too long ago, Jeremy Scott got nice and cuddly with French leather and luxury goods house Longchamp to produce the Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Pliage “Leopard Flourish” Bag. CL previously wore the Longchamp X J.Scott pill bag heading to Singapore back in November 2012. For all those winter days where a grey sky greets you, this bag will be like carrying a little bit of sun with you. But as for these sunglasses, they kind of remind me of a Venetian Carnival mask it’s so fancy! Don’t you think CL looks terribly cute wearing them?

And now, let’s dissect the rest another CL outfit, shall we?

Since this Style File is about CL’s stay in HK, we’re gonna go and talk about her ‘arrival’ outfit too:

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In her pretty hand, CL is clutching the “Hermes “Egee Clutch”. Sadly this clutch will not be handed out to people on the streets like complementary tissues, so if you want to own this beauty, you will have to dish out about $US4,500 as a starting price (expect this price to rise as the clutch becomes more exclusive)

CL’s Timberland boots might be more affordable for people who don’t have a few thousand dollars lying about, though! Timberland’s online shop prices this boot at about $150. Timberland has developed a great reputation over their years of production of making quality outdoor shoes and clothes, so if you’re the type of person that really enjoys the rugged terrain of the outdoors, perhaps you’d like to think of investing in a pair?

In regards to the black sweater CL is wearing, currently we are unable definitely tell you who the designer is, but judging from the jacket Jeremy was wearing in a picture with CL, it could very well be his design! It’s also very possible that CL or 2NE1’s stylists decided to have some fun with the sweater and decided to spruce it up a bit to make it one of a kind.

As for the gold accessories on CL’s ears and around her neck, I apologise that I can only press my face up to my screen and squint as to try to figure out what CL is wearing exactly. But an educated guess from Edlyn/nyldeabcd has us thinking that CL might be wearing vintage Versace Medusa earrings in gold, and the “iconics” Medusa Necklace that is currently being featured on Versace’s website. If you’ve got about $US1350 Versace will gladly hand over a set for you to love and cherish.

More often than not, our girls are seen with really decorative nail art on their hands. This time CL chose to colour her nails a lovely dark berry red, and pop on a few claw rings on two fingers.

What with the busy design and detail of her dress and jacket, it was a great move by CL to have kept the colour palate of her ensemble predominantly black and gold. So, ladies and gents, what did you think of CL’s getup that night? Yay or nay?

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Article by: God of Mischief @YGLadies.com

Fashion finds: nyldeabcd Tazanya @YGLadies.com
Wonderful collages by: centric@YGLadies & WILLA@YGLadies.com
Sources: Versace.com, Timberland.com, Jeremy Scott’s Twitter, Longchamp.com, Hermes.com

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