[121122] Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri): “My Sandara Park….so #gorgeous even when she’s wearing something so #simple :) “

Dara’s newly publicized fanboy is at it again showing his affection for our fresh vocal once again.





Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri) is a Malaysian singer,presenter and actor. Dafi’s career in the entertainment industry started in 2007 when he joined the fifth instalment of the local reality talent show, Akademi Fantasia.

He was eliminated in the eighth week but that did not do anything to dampen his singing career. He has since released an album titled Seumur Hidup, which includes his hit single Bila Terasa Rindu. And his foray in the entertainment industry is not confined to singing either. He is also the voice behind Troy in the local Malay production of High School Musical. He is expected to release a new album by mid-year and is currently releasing a new single titled Euphoria. He is now busy on a shoot for a local drama series titled Waris.

Such a cute fanboy. Maybe he will get a chance to go to the girls’ Singapore concert?

Source: Gadaffi Ismail Sabri’s Twitter, http://www.soshiok.com/article/15025
Compiled by staff@ygladies.com
Thanks to star@H8 for the tip

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