[121113] Hip-hop trio ‘Soul Dive’ wants to work with 2NE1′s CL

소울다이브는 힙합 그룹이지만 임재범, 이소라 등 많은 대중 가수와 피처링 작업을 해왔다. 그들은 함께 작업한 “임재범은 ‘호랑이’, 이소라는 ‘전설 속의 새’, 김거지는 ‘진흙 속에 핀 꽃’, 윤하는 ‘이온음료’”라고 표현했으며 함께 작업해 보고 싶은 아티스트로는 “한국의 소울을 대표하는 가수” 양희은과 개성파 그룹 투애니원의 씨엘을 꼽았다.

Soul Dive is a hip-hop group, but the members have done featuring for many popular singers including Im Jae Beom and Lee Sora. The members expressed how “Im Jae Beom is a ‘tiger’, Lee Sora is a ‘legendary bird’, and Kim Gu Ji is a ‘flower blooming in the mud’ and Younha is an ‘isotonic drink’”.

When asked about artists they’d like to work with; they (Soul Dive) said they would like, “singers that represent the soul of Korea” and chose Yang Hee Eun and individualistic group 2NE1’s CL.

-excerpt from the interview

A/N: Hip-hop trio ‘Soul Dive’ consists of Nuck, ZITO and DTheo and made their debut in 2009 with the studio album ‘Mad Scientist & Sweet Monsters’; they’re known for their impressive performance skills and mania fanbase. The group has experience working with Japan’s Fantastic Plastic Machine, their fan base is incredibly huge and they have been recognized in the Japanese Hip Hop scene.

Check out Soul Dive’ single “Dried Tears” featuring Younha released on 2012.10.26


Source: Donga
Translated by: CLTheBaddestFemale.com
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