Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang mentioned Dara on ‘It’s Showtime’

Filipino artists, Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang recently mentioned Dara on ‘Showtime’.

‘It’s Showtime’ is a Philippine noontime show were the hosts are Vhong, Ryan, Anne Curtis and other Filipino artists. It airs on ABS-CBN, every Mondays to Saturdays, 12PM (1:00PM in Korean time).

On yesterdays episode of the show (or more likely on Monday), the hosts talked about their experiences during holiday.

You can check out the video below! (Vhong and Ryan visits Korea while holidays)

(April 2nd)


Anne: So what memorable experience did you guys have during the holidays?

Vhong: Me and Ryan, along with my kids and girlfriend, went to Korea. We met Sandara Park!

Karylle: Ryan just tweeted her, but she really went out to meet you guys, right?

Anne: Wow, Sandara Park is bongga (er, it means jjang/daebakk. Can also mean fabulous, extravagant, awesome)!

Ryan: And Sandara said that when she comes to the Philippines, she’ll come and visit Showtime.

Kuya Kim: She still knows how to speak Tagalog?

Ryan: Yes, she still speaks Tagalog. When we met, she was speaking to me in Tagalog, then I told her, “Sandara, I’m Korean too!” so after that, she spoke to me in Korean.

Vhong: And what’s great there is that Sandara actually speaks better Tagalog (than him.)

Ryan: And Sandara-ssi said that she’s single. And then I answered her, “I’m single too!”

Vhong (to Ryan): And then my answer to that is “You’re a hopia!” (Teasing Ryan “You’re hoping”. Hopia is a popular Filipino-Chinese dessert)

In addition to this, Vhong once again thanked Dara after the commercial break. One of the hosts, Vice Ganda also mentioned Big Bang’s G-Dragon and asked Dara to introduce him to G-Dragon. Vice Ganda also said that he loves G-Dragon.

(April 1st)

Vhong: I’d just like to thank someone! Even though her schedule was hectic and she’s already a very famous person, she still took time to see us. Miss Sandara Park! Thank you so much!

Karylle: Oh yeah, I saw your tweets…

Vice Ganda: Sandara, introduce me to G-Dragon (laughs)! I love G-Dragon.

Vhong: Thank you Sandara!

Karylle: Next time, take us all with you to Korea.

Source: emcan91912 and Kitty Pie for Videos, Thanks to Oh! Dara

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