[130405] Intel’s Facebook: [Touch the Ultrabook, Additional Event!] Featuring 2NE1 & will.i.am signed Ultrabooks

Blackjacks win a chance for a 2NE1 and will.i.am signed Ultrabook!

2ne1  signed ultrabooks ultrabook

Intel Korea

[Touch the Ultrabook 추가 이벤트!]
1분이상 참여한 모든 분을 대상으로 추첨을 통해 2분께 드리는 2NE1과 will.i.am의 친필 사인 울트라북! 지금 바로 도전하세요~

울트라북 타러가기>>http://intel.ly/XXyZJ3 —

[Touch the Ultrabook, Additional Event!]

Especially for those who have participated for more than a minute, we will give two people 2NE1 and will.i.am’s signed Ultrabooks! Go and take the challenge now~

To get those Ultrabooks >> http://intel.ly/XXyZJ3 —

Source: Intel Korea Facebook
Translated by: 2NE1luvr@YGLadies.com

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