[130405] 2NE1 Shake Facebook: ’2nd Anniversary Special Event’

2ne1 shake event


Free songs have been RENEWED!!Find out which songs are free and start SHAKING~♬

★2nd Year Anniversary Special Event★
To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve prepared a special event! Check out the Event Tab!

Fans of 2NE1 Shake will get a change to win some awesome prizes and some free play. The game offers traditional “TAP”style of gameplay as well as a new “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode, using a seamless-gesture technology developed by dooub. The “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode will make you feel like a DJ scratching the turntable!

Download NOW and checkout 2NE1′s unique style and sound! 
– iPhone: http://bit.ly/QHeEIn
– Android: http://bit.ly/NzLRB6

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