[130404] Park Bom ranked at #5 on MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ as “Idols that eats a lot”

Park Bom has been ranked at #5 on MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ as one of the ‘Idols that eats a lot’.

Artists such as B.A.P’s Yongguk, Girl’s Day’s Minah, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon chose Park Bom for that category.

The show also showed some clips from 2NE1TV, including the clip where YG trainer, Hwangssabu, is telling Park Bom to stop eating corn because of its high calories. And also, other photos and videos where Park Bom spotted eating.

In addition, Yongguk called Park Bom as ‘The Corn Legend’.

Check out the video below!

Thanks to WeLoveBom and xoxo2shy

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