[130404] Dara wants to see Vice Ganda’s ‘Gwiyomi’

Dara tells Vice Ganda that she wanted to see his version of ‘Gwiyomi’.

Gwiyomi is an ‘aegyo’ dance, which means ‘cute’ and became famous not just only in Korea, but also in some countries. BtoB’s Ilhoon was the one who invented the aegyo dance

Vice Ganda tweeted on April 4th,

Then, Dara replied to his tweet,

Hi Vice! I wanna see your version of ‘Gwiyomi! ‘Cause you are so cute~ I watched your movie :)

Vice Ganda is a famous actor/comedian/host in the Philippines. He was also one of the host of ‘It’s Showtime’. He did movies such as ‘The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin’, ‘Sisterakas’ and many more.

Meanwhile, before Dara tweets that she wants to his ‘Gwiyomi,’ Vice Ganda already did it on ‘It’s Showtime’ earlier. You can check out his version.

By the way, do you want to see Dara’s version?

Source: Vice Ganda’s Twitter (vicegandako), Dara’s Twitter (@krungy21)
Thanks to Oh!Dara and jerome tomas

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