[130404] Dara (@krungy21) conversation with Filipino Actor/Host Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano)

Check out this hilarious conversation below:

Luis Manzano replied to Dara’s 2nd tweet,

@krungy21 – Where are you going? Why are you telling us to follow you? we’ll just get lost at the end, you might take us where ever

Then, Dara replied,

@luckymanzan bwahaha okay Brother Muis~ follow me!!! Let’s go to bora (Boracay)~ You can pay for it :)

Then, Luis replied again,

@krungy21 – Alright, i’ll cover it, Let’s go to Boracay, I’ll take a plane, (and) you can ride the boat

Dara replied,

@luckymanzan okay!!! I have a fear on the flights anyway. Yeah hey~

Luis replied,

O exactly! You can ride with bananas and durian(s) [Philippine’s fruits]

In other hand, Luis replied to Dara’s another tweet,

One of a kind style!!! Palm tree (hair) spouting version + Traditional hair pin-Dara + Blackjack nails!!! A look that evolves anytime

@krungy21 By the way, I know, it’s like a competition for you guys (SNSD & 2NE1) but please, I beg, please tell Girls’ Generation to stop calling and texting me.

You’re so funny brother hahaha!!! I know that you became a heartrob when we shot (a movie) in korea but I’m not sure about that now

My handsome face knows no time nor place, whenever and wherever  [I’m] handsome, so please tell them to stop before I change my number

Dara replied,

I don’t know what to tell you! Hahaha… Hahaha…….. I can’t think of a punchline omg

Another tweet from Luis,

Here, escape from 2NE1, come here then let us all get together be silly

Dara replied to Luis,

I want! to!!! Request a permission to Boss YG! So I can go:)

Will be updated…

Source: Dara & Luis Manzano’s Twitter

Translated by: crazyxcami@YGLadies.com

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