[130401] CL, G-Dragon, Xin & Jo Sung Min tease Lee Soo Hyuk on Instagram

After the photo above was posted by Lee Soo Hyuk on his Instagram. CL, G-Dragon, Xin and G-Dragon’s close friend Jo Sung Min tease him by leaving the same comments on his picture (at the same time).

@chaelin_cl: [I] don’t like it
@xxxinxx (Xin): [I] don’t like it
@xxxibgdrgn (G-Dragon): [I] don’t like it
@zoelkan (Jo Sung Min): [I] don’t like it

Then, G-Dragon uploaded a photo of Lee Soo Hyuk on his Instagram:

[I] don’t like it

In addition, CL, Xin, and Sung Min commented on it at the same time again.

@chaelin_cl: Fashion King
@xxxinxx (Xin): Fashion King
@zoelkan (Jo Sung Min): Fashion King

Also, the 4 artists liked a photo from a fan. The photo contains their comments.

Finally, Lee Soo Hyuk replied to all this teasing:


Their friendship is cute! Don’t you think so?

Source: @chaelin_cl, @xxxinxx (Xin), @xxxibgdrgn (G-Dragon), @zoelkan (Jo Sung Min)
Thanks to: CL The Baddest Female

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