[130331] [STYLE FILE] 2NE1 Go Fresh In MBC’s Korean Music Wave Concert

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The MBC Korean Music Wave Concert was held in Bangkok this year and lucky fans got to see 2NE1 and many other musicians in what was a memorable event. For a recap of 2NE1’s visit to Thailand, be sure to check out this article here.

It should be no surprise that many of the pictures and fancams showing the group’s outfits from their airport arrival to stage performance were a hot topic among Blackjacks. Their stage outfits were not taken from fashion brands like Jeremy Scott and Balmain that we are used to seeing the girls wear, but despite of that they proved that they can make any item they wear stand out to the fans.

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The group was fully decked in KTZ for the first time. In the past, KTZ was worn amongst other brands like in 2NE1′s SCREAM Music Video. Performing on stage, CL had on a KTZ – Color Embroidered Patch Bomber Jacket and Master Embroidery Patched Low Crotch Trouser from the SS 2013 Man Collection. This item is sold out in many stores, but is still available ot the official KTZ site for £286. This jacket is well worth the price compared to other pricey items worn by the group in the past, as it is overloaded with colorful designs in the front, back, and sleeves, as well as being fit to wear on a normal day, rather than just a one-time occasion.

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Dara showed off the KTZ – Rat Embroidery Patched Vest which is also available at the site for £95. If you do not want to be overwhelmed with designs like the jacket above and are low on cash, this is the perfect item for you. This vest features the trademark KTZ logo, an embroidered skull design, and green tribal patterns. Dara paired that with a snap-back KTZ Embroidered Patch Hat for a price of £177, but is currently sold out. To finish off her outfit, she wore KTZ Color Embroidered Patch Jogging Trousers, also sold out at a price of £239.

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Bom continues to shine with her love of dresses, this time wearing the KTZ T.W.T.C Long Dress which includes a mix of designs that were present in both CL and Dara’s outfits. Minzy was seen with a KTZ T.W.T.C patched black outfit with matching jacket, pants, and boots. We still don’t know the name of the outfit, but there will be updates if anything comes up.

How does KTZ rank among the other fashion brands 2NE1 has worn?

Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: kokontozai.co.uk, autographmenswear.com, MzKyu@YGL, photos as tagged

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