[130331] G-Dragon requests 2NE1′s help + Dara’s Message to A+ PH?

It was revealed that in addition to CL’s participation, the whole group 2NE1 will be performing at G-Dragon’s ‘One Of A Kind’ Concert!

Star News reported that G-Dragon asked 2NE1 to guest on the 31st of his concert in order for him to get some time to rest during the the 2 hour show. It was stated that G-Dragon got sick and went to the hospital to get treated few hours before the concert due to preparations and rehearsals with the cold weather into the night.

Member Sandara Park who had a schedule in the Philippines (the same day as the concert) decided to reschedule, in order to lend a hand to her friend, G-Dragon.

2NE1 is scheduled to perform at the 2nd day of G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind Concert in Seoul.

Source: Star News via Nate

Translated by: kristinekwak@YGLadies.com

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the family is helping each other at a time of need ^^. If you can recall, 2NE1 also appeared at Taeyang’s Solar Concert back in 2010, as well as Gummy & T.O.P at 2NE1′s Nolza Concerts in Japan. We hope G-Dragon will regain his strength, get well soon~!


Dara’s Message to A+ (MBLAQ’s Fanclub) PH!


DARA: I really wanted to go to manila to support my baby brother but noona got (/received) work. But he can do it!!! He just needs…

DARA: … Your warm welcome! For Thunder’s return to the phil after 6 yrs!!! I’m jealous of the A+ PH! Yeeeheeee~ enjoy the show! Have fun! :)

Source: Dara’s Twitter

Translated by: crazyxcami@YGLadies.com

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