[ARTICLE] 3rd Anni Countdown – [D-4] “2NE1TV: An intimate insight into the lives of 2NE1″

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Countdown to May 17th 2012: D-4

2NE1TV: An intimate insight into the lives of 2NE1

As a group that RARELY appears on variety shows and radio shows, 2NE1TV was the salvation for Blackjacks. Without 2NE1TV, we’d never have known Bom’s 8D personality and her love for corn, CL-roo’s obsession with cleanlinessDara’s fear of dogs and how she overcame it (thanks to Dougie), Minzy’s preference to go around the dorm naked, how the hit-maker ‘I Don’t Care’ came about from YGE Producer Kush’s “panty loop”, how the girls let themselves go when they’re tired, how they’re just like normal girls. There are so many things we have learnt from 2NE1TV that is just too much to be listed.

2NE1TV Season 1 was directed by Choi PD and back then, we didn’t know what to expect. The raw footage of the 2NE1 girls practicing incessantly for their stage performances, their activities at the dorms and, of course, Bom’s infamous scolding by YGE Trainer, Sang Chan Hwang (aka Hwangssabu or Ssabu-nim), for eating corn made the show a huge hit. Ratings soared every episode as fans and non-fans alike tuned in every week to catch the girls in action as they went about with their daily lives. It was the show that made the girls more relatable to the public, and it essentially helped them gain more attention and popularity in their debut year.

Season 1, probably gave us one of our favorite performances of “I Don’t Care” ever!

With the love that Season 1 gained, it was no surprise that Blackjacks got CRAZY excited when it was announce there would be a Season 2 in line with their 2010 comeback. Season 2 took a different approach.  Instead of focusing on the girls on a personal level, it gave us an insight into how much effort 2NE1 put into preparing for their music and performances. We got a look into the girls’ experiences they prepared for their 2010 comeback, and also as they traveled abroad to prepare for their English album. Along with all this, 2NE1 continued to be open to fans as they shared with us their quiky personalities and their insecurities.

Check out one of the most memorable clips from Season 2: 2NE1 in will.i.am’s studio and Minzy having a poignant moment with Blackjacks:

In 2011, Blackjacks become certified spoiled fans when a Season 3 was launched. For this season, it was somewhat different because instead of just being shown in Korea, this season was to air worldwide. Starting off with a special screening of the first episode in LA, this was yet another sign of 2NE1 stepping forward to conquer the world. This season again gave us new personal insights into the lives of the girls as we had peaks into their rooms (minus ninja CL) and we also got to see how special it was for 2NE1 as they prepared and took part in their first Solo Concerts “Nolza”.

Isn’t it adorable how the girls fret over Minzy as she prepares to attend a rock festival? and look how scared they are of the “Queen Bee” LOL

It seems that all good things come to an end, though as the airing of 2NE1TV Season 3 also may be the closure for the entire 2NE1TV series. The last episode of Season 3 showed the girls, especially Dara who had attained a huge love for 2NE1TV, in tears as they signalled the ending of the series. During that episode, Blackjacks also cried along with the girls knowing that it perhaps the end of the much loved show.

2NE1TV is what has allowed us to become more personally attached to the girls, understand their different personalities, see their love and affection towards each other, witness their passion for music, and their dedication and hard-work when preparing for every album and performance just for us fans. It was the show that made us fall in love with them.

We’re all still hanging onto the hope that there will be another version of 2NE1TV, aren’t we? Let’s pray that there will be another form of reality show that allows us to connect with the girls like how 2NE1TV did. It’d be nice to see back footage of the girls’ adventures and future activites just like how we got to see it for the girls first three years as a group.

But, putting all these sad thoughts aside, let us focus on the best side of 2NE1TV.

Blackjacks, what did you love about 2NE1TV? What was your favourite Season and what is your favourite moment? 

Let us know below!

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Source: Youtube Users.

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