[130412] CL to Perform Special Stage With Lee Hi

CL to Perform Special Stage With Lee Hi

2NE1’s leader will soon make an appearance on SBS’s “Inkigayo”!

Lee Hi’s performance of “Rose” will feature a special guest appearance by CL. This will be the first time CL will walk on the music program’s stage since last August when her group promoted the digital single “I Love You.” For Korean fans of 2NE1, this is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed!

It’s been revealed that CL personally suggested to Lee Hi about the collaboration. Fans of both artists are anticipating how the combination of Lee Hi’s soulful voice and CL’s stylistic rapping would create a new version of “Rose.”

“Inkigayo” will broadcast this special performance on April 14 at 3pm (KST).

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K-netizens’ comments:

Please let them have their comeback ASAP.. Although I like Lee Hayi too but 2NE1 comeback please!!ㅠ (+750 -27)

Lee Hayi is so blessed(/lucky).. What are they doing with Park Jimin (+633 -46)

Oh yeah oh yeah~ I think we’ll get to see a goosebump-inducing performance (+593 -45)

Right now CEO Yang seems to be investing everything in Lee Hayi and PSY…. Will 2NE1 be able to come out again??? They have 3 albums only Does that even make sense… (+549 -18)

CEO Yang really doesn’t take good care of 2NE1……. It’s too much (+523 -45)

CL’s body is so good… CEO Yang please take better care of 2NE1 (+434 -27)

Although many guys would say that CL is ugly when they see her, she’s prettier that those plastic monsters that you guys like (+424 -52)

Honestly.. Lee Hayi’s voice is so charming (+376 -31)

Comeback please..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ CL is the best (+349 -14)

Yah don’t you guys know what is charisma? She’s not like those divas or beauties that we had before.. but she has charisma!! When you compare her with the kids who were formed to dance provocatively No No.. (+325 -16)

As expected, rookies from YG can get anything^^ (+278 -17)

If you compare it with JYP.. Suzy is struggling alone.. She looks like she won’t be able to hold out (+268 -12)

CL jjang(is the best)~! ! !! (+256 -10)

Although I’m not a CL fan I can see her charms.. Lately she’s the only one that gives that feeling among female idols (+240 -9)

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