[PROJECT #30] 2NE1′s 4th Anniversary Project Overview: “Girls Night In”

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Greetings, YGL-ers!

It’s that time of the year again! Time for YGL’s biggest project!!! Yes, you guessed that right!

It’s 2NE1′s 4th Anniversary project!

Going right back to the start when 4 young girls began their journey on May 17th 2009, isn’t it almost eerie how quickly 4 years has already passed!? Their 4th Anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate how much our girls have grown as individuals, as performers and as a group!

As the biggest gathering of International Blackjacks in the world, YGLadies wants to make this 4th Anniversary very heartwarming and uniting, not just for the Girls, but also for Blackjacks as well! We want you all to join us in adoring the girls for giving us 4 years of laughter, tears, spazzing with their quirkiness, charisma, kindness, humility and immense talent.

With this aim in mind, we racked our brains to come up with an extra special project theme. Please give a warm welcome to:

YGLadies Project #30: Girls’ Night In!

Girls Night In ygl project banner 2ne1

Knowing how much our girls love huddling up at home, spending time cooking, eating and watching films in order to relax we thought “why not sleepover themed presents?“  We want to give 2NE1 all the tools for a lovely Slumber Party, so that they can bond together during this special time, using Anniversary Gifts from us!

There’ll be custom pajamas to lounge in when watching classic rom-com movies, unique hot chocolate on a stick for those late-night talks… plus each girl will get their own heart warming Message-book accompanied lots of other goodies gifted from Blackjacks! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect anniversary party for our girls!?

However, a great project idea is only a quarter of the battle won. YOUR participation is crucial to the success of our project! Join in YGLadies’ festivities as we celebrate four amazing years with four extraordinary girls ♥

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in this project! There are also so many ways that you participate in this project by!

Read on to find out more:


As usual, we have separated the project to make tracking easier. Each part has its own thread. Read on to find little summaries of each part, then  visit each thread by clicking on the header:

  • Charity:

Learning by 2NE1′s example, we want to celebrate this special moment by helping those in need. So we will be donating to the Miracle Project in the name of 2NE1. To know more about the charity project, please visit this threadDue on Monday, April 15

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  • [URGENT INPUT NEEDED] Message book: 

It is a YGL tradition is to give each 2NE1 member their own anniversary message book with all the sweet messages from Blackjacks around the world! Instead of a magazine-style message books that we have done previously, this year’s message book will look like a homemade scrapbook withphotos, poems, and of course Messages. Click here to contribute to the message book! Due on Monday, April 1

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  • [URGENT HELP NEEDED] Gifts & Project Donations:

As a part of this project, we’ll be sending our girls a few gifts that’ll make their “Girls‘ Night In” party fun and memorable.  Also in this thread, you’ll be able to see many ways of donating money to help with the gifts and shipping. Also, if you want to send your gift for the girls through us, be sure to follow the instructions provided. Due on Monday, April 1

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  • Other ways you can participate: 
– Custom Pajama Designs

Calling all Blackjacks talented in Design!! We will be sending custom pajama sets to each girl and are currently accepting submissions for the designs of these pajamas. Imagine 2NE1 wearing something designed by YOU! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Read more all about this in this thread. Due on Wednesday, March 20

 Help us choose which movies to send to 2NE1!

Calling all movie-buffs! As part of the ‘sleepover themed’ gifts that we will be getting 2NE1, we will be including a movie pack of movies selected by YOU! Tell us which Hollywood and International films you would like to gift 2NE1 with and vote for your favorites!  Read more all about this activity in this thread. Due on Wednesday, March 20



If you have any questions RE: this project, please post them in the comments section below and a staff will tend to you as soon as possible. Also if you are considering Donating for this project, you can do so through Paypal (no Paypal account needed). Any amount is much appreciated and goes directly towards funding this project.

We really want to reach out to 2NE1 and show how much we miss and adore them with this Project.

Take part and spread the word everywhere and anywhere!

Thank you so much ♥


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