[130919] Bom me2Day & Twitter (@haroobomkum) “Today at Adidas with Dara” + Nate Trending

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Bom went wild on SNS today, she posted on her LINE PLAY, her me2day, her Twitter and her Instagram. Check out her me2day and Twitter updates below 4월19일 오늘 아디다스에서 다라랑 함께 ㅋㅋㅋ April 19th, today at Adidas with Dara ㅋㅋㅋ With DARA in Adidas. — Bom Park (@haroobomkum) April 19, 2013 In Adidas.. […]

[130419] Bom’s Instagram “With DARA in Adidas” + More hilarious photos

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Bom and Dara look like they had an absolute blast at adidas today, in these fabulous photos. hoping we get a shot at some of these zany sticker photos. With DARA in Adidas   In Adidas..   With DARA 2. Source: Bom’s Instagram || 2 || 3 Reuploaded by Tags: adidas, Bom, Dara

[130419] CL’s Instagram: CL being her stunning self on Instagram in two Rick Owens themed selcas

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CL really loves visors, as proven in her two recent Instagram posts celebrating Rick Owens anniversary by looking stunning in a limited edition visor. #rickowens ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy 3rd Anniversary Rick Owens Seoul #limitededitionvisorbabe Source: CL’s Instagram Reuploaded by Tags: CL, rick owens