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[130412] Dara (@krungy21) reveals marriage plans + PSYDARA & Hip-hop Dara

130412 psydara 2ne1 dara tweet

Dara posted this hilarious edit of PSYDARA, breaks the hearts of admirers with her marriage plans, and is just a very happy hip-hop girl tonight. @psy_oppa 알랑가몰라~ 왜 내가 싸이오빠 닮은건지 ah ah ah ah ~ I’m a… Mother father gentle girl!!! twitter.com/krungy21/statu… — Sandara Park (@krungy21) April 12, 2013 ‘I don’t know if you […]

[130417] Dong A interviews “I Don’t Care” (reggae) & “It’ Hurts” Composer Sunwoo Jungha

130417 2ne1 Sunwoo Jungah collage

Dong A interviews composer Sunwoo Jungha who has worked with several YG Entertainment artists including 2NE1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However, there is a high possibility that you would have heard of Sunwoo Jungha‘s name before. She had participated in half of the songs in Lee Hayi‘s debut album as a songwriter, lyricist or composer. She was also […]

[130419] Billboard (USA) Mentions 2NE1 in Recent Psy & G-Dragon Articles


Recently, 2NE1 has been appearing in articles on Billboard though the girls are technically on hiatus. It seems like even Billboard is eagerly anticipating 2NE1′s Korean comeback. G-Dragon Opens Up at World Tour Kickoff: Exclusive Video Interview On March 31, eager K-pop fans fill the 13,000 seats in Seoul’s Olympic Gymanastic Hall venue; patiently waiting […]

[130419] Dara (@krungy21) Stylist Songi Bae and G-Dragon hilariously react to Hip-hop Dara

130419 dara bom instagram

As expected, Dara‘s recent hip-hop Dara tweets has garnered hilarious reactions from G-Dragon and even the stylist Songi Bae who was responsible for the SLIGHTLY oversized tracksuit. Dara on Twitter, forever making Blackjacks smile. Credit: kristinekwak@ygladies.com 스타일리스트가 나에게 105 사이즈를 입혔다. 힙합 요우~ 힙합!!! twitter.com/krungy21/statu… — Sandara Park (@krungy21) April 19, 2013 The stylist gave […]