[121214] From the Red Carpet to Performance – a Recap of 2NE1 at the ’2012 Melon Music Awards’

Cr: yongmun98@tumblr Even before the show began livestreaming, Blackjacks were practically foaming at the mouth for a chance to see the girls at an award show.  It seems like it has been so long since the Fashionistas strutted their stuff, and everyone was eager to see what 2NE1 would wear.  As expected, 2NE1 was the TALK OF THE […]

[130411] 2NE1 to celebrate re-opening of Adidas’ Myungdong Branch the ‘Nation’s Biggest Flagship Store’

More photos of 2NE1 at the Myeogdong Store for the Launch of their JScott X 2NE1 Wings – CLICK HERE. Adidas announced on the 11th that it would renovate its first store in Myeongdong to a massive flagship store and open it to the public on the 12th. On the 19th, a week after the opening, […]

[130408] W Korea Editor: “CL’s capabilities is needless to say, amazing.”

In her letter from the editor, W Korea Magazine’s editor, extols the virtues or our one and only baddest female, CL. CL is extremely intelligent. Always calm and passionate, never ever flops. Though this is only from the editor’s point of view, nevertheless, it’s understandable. How can one not love this kind of girl? The mercury on a […]

[130411] Pablo Olea (@pabloolea) Shares 2NE1 fan art on his Instagram

One of Jeremy Scott’s BFFs Pablo Olea loves sharing fan art and BTS cuts of our 2NE1 girls, we have compiled some from the past few weeks check them out below. CL drawing by @m1luru @itsjeremyscott @id_magazine @chaelin_cl #cl #jeremyscott CL @chaelin_cl film by @lucafinotti from Jeremy Scott shoot @id_magazine styled by Elizabeth Barrois @lizzieloveschris #cl #2ne1 […]

[130306] 2NE1 on 2012 Hard Copy Album Sales Pie Chart + Sales Clarification

Earlier today, Korean netizens posted pie charts on Instiz organizing album sales by company and by artist. Blackjacks seem upset over 2NE1‘s lower-than-expected percentages on these charts. This surprised us, until we realized that some fans were not clear on what exactly the charts were reporting. In the pie graph for YG Entertainment, Big Bang accounts for 50% of […]

[130413] Dara (@krungy21): “Let’s have fun tonight at SangAm~~~>.

YG Family, Dara and our girls included, are gearing up attend Psy’s Happening concert, (live stream) and she wishes everyone has fun tonight. 오늘도 일찌감치 출석!!! 오늘밤 상암에서 뜨겁게놀아봅시다아~~~ >.< 운동화신구가야쥐이~!!!… — Sandara Park (@krungy21) April 13, 2013 Came early again today!!! Let’s have fun tonight at SangAm~~~>.< I should go get new shoes~!!! (Bouquet: From […]

[130411] Global Icon (@Global_Icon) members AI & Aram adore 2NE1

Global Icon recently debuted with a tomboy concept and when member AI and Aram were asked if they like 2NE1, and they said they adores them. AI is the group’s rapper, but she is also an experienced rapper having appearing in movies My Way, Glove, Little Black Dress plus shows Road No. 1 and High Kick!/Unstoppable […]

[130311] 2NE1 Mentioned in enews’ “Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds”

While we highlighted some of Korea’s well known socialtainers last week, this week we’ve decided to highlight the idols who bring social issues to light, not primarily with their words, but with their actions. Celebrities tend to have a great realm of influence, but it’s undeniable that idols are some of the most closely watched celebs in […]

[130413] Minzy (@mingkki21) “Ms Mingkki’s triple combo … The hot Happening stage gotta go on!!”

What a Happening stage 2NE1 had today. The girls just finished killing it at Psy‘s Happening concert, they did an absolutely fabulous job, Minzy posted this fabulous selca immediately after their performance. Photos from the performance HERE and videos HERE. 밍끼씨에 삼단콤보 ㅋㅋ헤드뱅잉+다리찢기할렘쉐킷+풍차돌기^^뜨거운 해프닝의 무대는 계속됩니당!! 고고고!… — Minzy (@mingkki21) April 13, 2013 Ms […]

[130413] Lee Hayi Shares a Cute CL Story on Park SoHyun’s Radio Show

Yesterday, Lee Hayi appeared as a guest in Park SoHyun’s radio broadcast and there, she discussed CL among other topics.  Thanks to a kind Lee Hayi fan we have a cut of the live radio parts on CL. ^^ Recall that in a recent interview, Hayi had revealed that she’s impressed by CL and wanted […]