[130222] Allure Magazine (March 2013) Bom Interview “Spring, spring has come.”

Q: Today’s photo shoot was different from your usual image. Instead of a sexy appearance, we wanted to go for a feminine one, how was it? A:Truthfully, I was a little taken aback at first. I like flowers, but I don’t wear flower print clothes a lot. A person like me taking a photo shoot […]

[121221] 2NE1 to Release ‘New Evolution in Japan’ (Yokohama Concert) Live DVD & Bluray on March 13, 2013

Last week, we reported that 2NE1 would be releasing a Japanese version of the New Evolution in Seoul live DVD as well as a 2NE1TV Season 3 Box Set. Earlier today the girls announced, via their official Japanese website, that the LIVE DVD/2NE1 2012 1st Global Tour – NEW EVOLUTION in Japan, will be released […]

[130223] CeCi Magazine (March 2013) Full Interview “Spring Be Pretty: Sandara’s Bloody Angel”

Sandara’s Bloody Angel Fantastic ! Dreaming Burgundy Look This is the Bloody Angel Look that is being suggested by the beauty icon Sandara Park who enjoys shocking chances. She is showcasing her flawless face and pink lips who look like they’ve been dyed. Even though it’s daring, try the Angel Look with the boldly expressed […]

[130224] Marie Claire (March 2013) Minzy Full Interview “Gong Minji – let’s get STARTED”

Gong Minji – let’s get STARTED Five years after debuting with 2NE1, Gong Minji is now 20. She is now more ready than anyone else to enjoy her youth. People have known Gong Minji ever since she was 15. You can find videos of her auditions when she was in middle school as well as […]

[130406] 2NE1 Special Photo Set & Desktop Calendar Box Set On Sale Now!! + Overseas Purchasing Details

2NE1 has released a limited edition photo set and desktop calendar filled with never before seen photos. Find out more below, plus how to get your hands on a copy today! 2NE1 SPECIAL PHOTOBOOK & CALENDAR 2013-2014: エンタメ・スポーツ –…… — YG Family (@ygent_official) April 8, 2013    2NE1 SPECIAL PHOTOBOOK & CALENDAR 2013-2014:  Entertainment/sports Gorgeous BIGBANG & 2NE1 80-page boxed special picture […]

[130225] Harper’s BAZAAR (March 2013) CL Full Interview: “Don’t Stop the Music”

DON’T STOP THE MUSIC Dark eyeliner and light blonde hair; controlling the stage with her attitude and overflowing charisma, that’s CLWho could’ve thought she likes cooking, loves drawing, and enjoys watching romance-comedy films?This is an interview with 2NE1′s leader, CL, and feminine, smart, Chaerin. Park HyeSuPhotographed by Kim Youngjun Q: Tell us about the process of 2NE1′s […]

[130303] So What Did You Miss? Special Edition: Minzy

Having taken a look at her unnies’ activities (CL, Dara & Bom) in the new year, we now turn our attention to what 2NE1′s maknae Minzy has been up to in our special SWDYM series. Special Edition: Minzy Though she hasn’t been as active as her fellow members in terms of travels or attending events during the past few […]

[121030] ETUDE HOUSE Global: “●´ω`●ETUDE HOUSE Global is looking for 5 ETUDE HOUSE Global Beauty Bloggers❀ “

ETUDE HOUSE Global ▒ETUDE NEWS▒ ●´ω`●ETUDE HOUSE Global is looking for 5 ETUDE HOUSE Global Beauty Bloggers❀ ‘PINK BIRD’ ❀ PINK BIRD’s are group of beauty bloggers overseas who will represent ETUDE HOUSE globally. 5 PINK BIRDs will receive ETUDE HOUSE PINK BOX every month to try our new products.♥ The box is going to […]

[130408] Dara (@krungy21): “Happy Birthday Gummy Unnie~!” and “2NE1′s 2013 Calendar!”

Dara is so cheery on Twitter, she gave a birthday greeting to Gummy on Twitter and of course PR Queen promoted the 2NE1′s new calendar. Full details on how to purchase the calendar for overseas shipping is located HERE. @ygent_official 생일축하 합니다~ 생일 축하합니다~ 사랑하는 거미언니~~~~~~!!! 생일 축하합니다~ ^.^ — Sandara Park (@krungy21) April 8, […]

[121023] Epik High Discusses How Park Bom was Chosen to Feature in “Up”

Epik High has returned  with the release of the single “It’s Cold“, which immediately obtained an all-kill on the charts. Then, they released their new album 99 which has album been loved were interviewed at the YG Building recently.  Here are some segments from that interview. Tablo: We thought about who should sing “Up.” Even the guide had a hard […]