[130401] Ryan Bang shows off his 2NE1 ‘New Evolution’ signed album

#2ne1 happy ako talaga sa album salamat kay sandara dapat bigay ko din ‘i lilly lilly like it’ — 방현성 (@dryanbang) April 1, 2013 #2ne1 I’m really happy [for receiving the album]. Thank you Sandara. I should give you my ‘I lilly lilly like it’ album. It looks like Dara gave the album when […]

[130401] CL, G-Dragon, Xin & Jo Sung Min tease Lee Soo Hyuk on Instagram

After the photo above was posted by Lee Soo Hyuk on his Instagram. CL, G-Dragon, Xin and G-Dragon’s close friend Jo Sung Min tease him by leaving the same comments on his picture (at the same time). @chaelin_cl: [I] don’t like it @xxxinxx (Xin): [I] don’t like it @xxxibgdrgn (G-Dragon): [I] don’t like it @zoelkan (Jo Sung Min): [I] don’t like it Then, […]

[130326] Snoop Dogg will have a special stage with 2NE1′s CL at upcoming concert

American rapper Snoop Dogg (41) will meet his fans for his first ever concert in Korea. On May 4, Snoop Dogg will be holding his ‘Unite all Originals Live with Snoop Dogg‘ concert at Olympic Park Ol-Park Soccer Stadium in Bangi-dong, Seoul. 2NE1 will be a guest performer for the ‘Hip-Hop Godfather’. Snoop Dogg will […]

[130417] Will.I. Am Featuring 2NE1′s ‘Gettin Dumb’ Released – “Park Bom’s Unique Vocals & CL’s Rhythmical Rap”

A teaser  for Will.I.Am’s new song featuring 2NE1 was finally released. One of the songs for Will.I.Am’s #willpower album, “Gettin Dumb”  has been released on the 16th of April. Girl group 2NE1, who has been secretly working with him in U.S last year was featured on this song. Gettin’ Dumb was characterized to have a unique, distinctive beat. […]

[130417] Buzzworthy MTV: “Will.I.Am and K-Pop’s 2NE1′s new collabo, “Gettin Dumb” is BRILLIANT”

Buzzworthy MTV positivley gushes about 2ne1′s collaboration single with on his willpower album, calling the song “gettin’ dumb” brilliant. New Song: Featuring 2NE1, ‘Gettin’ Dumb’ Will.I.Am and K-Pop’s 2NE1′s new collabo, “Gettin Dumb” is BRILLIANT. BUZZWORTHY MTV: Can we officially change Will.I.Am‘s name to “Will.I.Am gonna take over the entire planet with all the […]

[130415] Guitar Girl’d: Interview with Sharon Aguilar on 2NE1 + others

  Sharon Aguilar wasn’t even going to audition. But what the heck. She was in the right place at the right time, took a chance and landed a gig playing and touring worldwide with CeeLo Green during his Lady Killer album tour. As a student at Musicians Institute, Aguilar knew going to the Hollywood-based school would give […]

[130417] Dong A interviews “I Don’t Care” (reggae) & “It’ Hurts” Composer Sunwoo Jungha

Dong A interviews composer Sunwoo Jungha who has worked with several YG Entertainment artists including 2NE1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However, there is a high possibility that you would have heard of Sunwoo Jungha‘s name before. She had participated in half of the songs in Lee Hayi‘s debut album as a songwriter, lyricist or composer. She was also […]

[130419] Billboard (USA) Mentions 2NE1 in Recent Psy & G-Dragon Articles

Recently, 2NE1 has been appearing in articles on Billboard though the girls are technically on hiatus. It seems like even Billboard is eagerly anticipating 2NE1′s Korean comeback. G-Dragon Opens Up at World Tour Kickoff: Exclusive Video Interview On March 31, eager K-pop fans fill the 13,000 seats in Seoul’s Olympic Gymanastic Hall venue; patiently waiting […]

[130420] MINZY (@mingkki21): “I made this hoodie ❤like it =]”

Baby girl has made another fabulous jacket, this girl and her many many talents, the hoodie style fits her perfectly. Remember Minzy designs the jackets then has them sent to a factory to be made. She adds this hoodie to her growing collection which includes 1) military jacket, her biker jacket, and her patchwork grey jacket. 내가 […]

[130419] Dara (@krungy21) sends Birthday greeting to 2NE1 New Evo Band Drummer, Gabriel Wallace (@manualsdrums)

Dara adores the 2NE1 band members and earlier today sent a birthday greeting to the drummer for the New Evolution Tour, Gabriel Wallace. We hope he had a great birthday, and have an even bigger hope that he and the rest of the band are reunited for a second 2NE1 tour later this year. @ericjracy […]