Honors & Rankings

[121122] 2NE1 Nominated in the 22nd Annual High1 Seoul Music Awards

The nominee list for upcoming 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards 2012 has been revealed! 2NE1 is nominated in 2 categories, “Popularity” and “Bonsang“. These will be 2NE1′s fifth Seoul Music Award nominations, though they have never won. Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to […]

[121129] 2NE1 Wins 2012 MelOn Music Awards ‘TOP 10 Award’ + Nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Best Song’ & ‘Caller Bell’ Categories

It looks like for the 3rd year in a row 2NE1‘s amazing digital sales, particularly on Korea’s largest online music retailer, MelOn.com has catapulted them into an award. It was announced earlier today that 2NE1 along with 9 other artists, identified below, will be the recipient of the ‘Melon Top 10′ Award. Despite the voting […]

[121205] 2NE1′s “I Love You” Among the Most Long Lasting Songs of 2012 on the ‘Melon Top 50′ charts

Music site Melon reviewed 290 hit songs that were released from January 2012 to November 2012 and took a look at how long each song had stayed on their Top 50 list. Recall that Melon is South Korea’s largest online music retailer. Because K-pop moves so quickly, multiple songs are released on a daily basis. As a […]

[121208] 2NE1 Wins Best Female Band and Best Japanese Release in Europe’s ‘so-loved Awards 2012′

Back in November, we reported that 2NE1 had been nominated in 2 categories in the third annual ‘so-loved awards‘. “In a period where K-Pop is gaining more and more attention in Europe, current trends will be shown by the so-loved Awards every year. On the basis of the number of votes and the winners in each category, […]

[121213] @MelonDJ [2012 MelOn Music Awards D-1] Livestreaming Details (2NE1 Confirmed to Attend)

The Melon Awards will take place on 12/14 7PM KST [GMT+9, 2AM PST, 5AM EST, 8AM Brazil, 10AM London, 6PM Manila] worldwide live stream details are provided below. 2NE1 is confirmed to attend on their official schedule. 2NE1 along with 9 other artists, identified below, will be the recipient of the ‘Melon Top 10′ Award. 2NE1 is nominated […]

[121214] From the Red Carpet to Performance – a Recap of 2NE1 at the ’2012 Melon Music Awards’

Cr: yongmun98@tumblr Even before the show began livestreaming, Blackjacks were practically foaming at the mouth for a chance to see the girls at an award show.  It seems like it has been so long since the Fashionistas strutted their stuff, and everyone was eager to see what 2NE1 would wear.  As expected, 2NE1 was the TALK OF THE […]

[130306] 2NE1 on 2012 Hard Copy Album Sales Pie Chart + Sales Clarification

Earlier today, Korean netizens posted pie charts on Instiz organizing album sales by company and by artist. Blackjacks seem upset over 2NE1‘s lower-than-expected percentages on these charts. This surprised us, until we realized that some fans were not clear on what exactly the charts were reporting. In the pie graph for YG Entertainment, Big Bang accounts for 50% of […]

[130311] 2NE1 Mentioned in enews’ “Idols and Their Warm Hearts & Good Deeds”

While we highlighted some of Korea’s well known socialtainers last week, this week we’ve decided to highlight the idols who bring social issues to light, not primarily with their words, but with their actions. Celebrities tend to have a great realm of influence, but it’s undeniable that idols are some of the most closely watched celebs in […]

[130326] 2NE1 Ranked as One of the ‘Power Entertainers of Korea 2013′

  2NE1, actor Ryu Seung Ryong, and actress Kim Nam Joo were ranked at the top of the ‘Power Entertainers of 2013‘ in the categories of film, drama, and music. The prestigious KAIST University measured the influence of celebrities including actors and actresses, singers, and TV personalities, and released the results of their ‘Power Entertainers of Korea 2013′ […]

[130408] 2NE1 Nominated for World’s Best Group & Best Live in 2013 World Music Awards

2NE1 has been nominated in two categories in the World Music Awards: World’s Best Group & World’s Best Live. The WORLD MUSIC AWARDS honors the best-selling recording artists from every continent. The WORLD MUSIC AWARDS are presented on sales merit and voted by the public on the internet. There is no jury involved and the Awards truly reflect the […]