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[121113] Hip-hop trio ‘Soul Dive’ wants to work with 2NE1′s CL

“소울다이브는 힙합 그룹이지만 임재범, 이소라 등 많은 대중 가수와 피처링 작업을 해왔다. 그들은 함께 작업한 “임재범은 ‘호랑이’, 이소라는 ‘전설 속의 새’, 김거지는 ‘진흙 속에 핀 꽃’, 윤하는 ‘이온음료’”라고 표현했으며 함께 작업해 보고 싶은 아티스트로는 “한국의 소울을 대표하는 가수” 양희은과 개성파 그룹 투애니원의 씨엘을 꼽았다.” Soul Dive is a hip-hop group, but the members have done […]

[121121] CL Heads to Hong Kong to Support Jeremy Scott’s ‘Planet Christmas Party’

Source: pabloolea@instagram 2NE1‘s CL recently landed in China’s Hong Kong to support one of her close friends, international fashion designer Jeremy Scott. CL was expected to be attending the star-studded party ‘Planet Christmas Party’ hosted by BFF JScott. The event is being held for the lighting up of a special Christmas light fixture designed by […]

[121121] MADEMOISELLE YULIA (@MLLE_YULIA) “Met CL after a long time! Eating peach manju with everyone (^O^)/”

We all in HongKong!! @itsjeremyscott @pabloolea @babymaryfaline #CL   久々にCLに会ったー! みんなで桃まん食べてるー(^O^)/@itsjeremyscott #CL Met CL after a long time! Eating peach buns with everyone (^O^)/ 桃まん(^O^)/ we all in HONG KONG!! #CL #JEREMY SCOTT #WeicoLomo# Peach manju (^O^) / we all in HONG KONG!! #CL #JEREMY SCOTT #WeicoLomo# Source : Twitter Update 1 and 2  Weibo Update 1 Translated by : Jinhae@YGLadies.com

[121121][STYLE FILE] Melody Ehsani @MELODYEHSANI: “CL from #2ne1 lookin’ so cute in the Mercedes Benz earrings!”

CL was spotted in Melody Ehsani‘s Mercedez Benz earrings in her chic ‘airport fashion’ arriving at Hong Kong International Airport for a Jeremy Scott event. CL from #2NE1 lookin’ so cute in the Mercedes Benz earrings! instagr.am/p/ST6oTar_Dc/ – melodyehsani.com/shop/mercedes-… — MELODYEHSANI (@MELODYEHSANI) November 22, 2012 #CL‘s earrings – MELODY EHSANI Mercedes Benz Earring $50. twitter.com/xxxvannyIB/sta… […]

[121122] Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri): “My Sandara Park….so #gorgeous even when she’s wearing something so #simple :) “

Dara’s newly publicized fanboy is at it again showing his affection for our fresh vocal once again. #my #new #favourite #girl .. @krungy21 a.k.a. “Sandara” from 2NE1 #beautiful #gorgeous #girl #korean #cut instagr.am/p/P0iVFTkOrR/ — Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri) September 21, 2012 Sandara Park.. @krungy21 … #love #girlfriend #beautiful #gorgeousinstagr.am/p/QP3PIFkOtf/ — Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri) October […]

[121215][STYLE FILE] Jet-setting to Hong Kong ‘CL style’

So. As the title of this style file suggests, CL was in Hong Kong recently to have some party fun with her biffle Jeremy Scott. More specifically, CL was in Hong Kong “on her day off” to celebrate the special Christmas light fixture Jeremy had designed at the Hong Kong World Trade Centre. Damn, gurl! […]

[130407] Movie Star Hwang Jung Min, “I really liked CL too, when I saw her at the concert.”

This article is on actor Hwang Jung Min who attended G-Dragon’s One of A Kind concert in Seoul and said that it would be great if his child could be as cute as GD. Below is an excerpt from the article where CL is mentioned. “I don’t have friends that I’m especially close with. I’m […]

[130410] Korean Rapper Myx interested in working with 2NE1′s CL

In an interview with Seoulbeats, Korean Rapper Myx mentioned wanting to work with 2NE1′s CL.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interviewer: I have to ask this. If you had to work with an idol. Who would it be? MYK: CL ……. Interviewer: Why do you like CL? MYK: I think she has swag. She has a really cool swag.” […]

[130408] W Korea Editor: “CL’s capabilities is needless to say, amazing.”

In her letter from the editor, W Korea Magazine’s editor, extols the virtues or our one and only baddest female, CL. CL is extremely intelligent. Always calm and passionate, never ever flops. Though this is only from the editor’s point of view, nevertheless, it’s understandable. How can one not love this kind of girl? The mercury on a […]

[130411] Pablo Olea (@pabloolea) Shares 2NE1 fan art on his Instagram

One of Jeremy Scott’s BFFs Pablo Olea loves sharing fan art and BTS cuts of our 2NE1 girls, we have compiled some from the past few weeks check them out below. CL drawing by @m1luru @itsjeremyscott @id_magazine @chaelin_cl #cl #jeremyscott CL @chaelin_cl film by @lucafinotti from Jeremy Scott shoot @id_magazine styled by Elizabeth Barrois @lizzieloveschris #cl #2ne1 […]