[130329] Minzy (@mingkki21) Bom (@haroobomkum) & Dara (@krungy21) go on a Twitter following spree + CL reaches 324K+ Instagram Followers

2NE1, especially Dara and Minzy, have relieved the pain of their delayed comeback with some really cute Twitter interactions of late. Minzy has been chatting with some celebrities she met at a recent church charity function. Minzy is now following actor Ricky Kim and actresses Han Groo & Han Hye Jin, whom she interacted with directly on Twitter. […]

[130331] G-Dragon’s Facebook: Official Photos of CL & GD @ 2013 WORLD TOUR [ONE OF A KIND] in Seoul

G-Dragon just posted a slew of amazing Official photos from Day 1 of his concert on his Facebook. Among those where these two FABULOUS images of CL & GD performing “The Leaders” at G-Dragon’s 2013 World Tour ‘One of a Kind’ in Seoul Korea on March 30th. In case you missed it the fabulous Nokio […]

[130331] Dara (@krungy21): “We love you Travis and Stacy!!” + Shares stunning “One of a kind style!” Selca

With Travis & Stacy!!! We really really missed u guys! Have a safe flight back home and hope to see u guys again!!! twitter.com/krungy21/statu… — Sandara Park (@krungy21) March 31, 2013   We love u Travis and Stacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Sandara Park (@krungy21) March 31, 2013 Note: Travis Payne and Stacy Walker were part of the […]

[130401] Ryan Bang shows off his 2NE1 ‘New Evolution’ signed album

#2ne1 happy ako talaga sa album salamat kay sandara dapat bigay ko din ‘i lilly lilly like it’ instagram.com/p/Xjx7M3o7jM/ — 방현성 (@dryanbang) April 1, 2013 #2ne1 I’m really happy [for receiving the album]. Thank you Sandara. I should give you my ‘I lilly lilly like it’ album. It looks like Dara gave the album when […]

[130401] CL, G-Dragon, Xin & Jo Sung Min tease Lee Soo Hyuk on Instagram

After the photo above was posted by Lee Soo Hyuk on his Instagram. CL, G-Dragon, Xin and G-Dragon’s close friend Jo Sung Min tease him by leaving the same comments on his picture (at the same time). @chaelin_cl: [I] don’t like it @xxxinxx (Xin): [I] don’t like it @xxxibgdrgn (G-Dragon): [I] don’t like it @zoelkan (Jo Sung Min): [I] don’t like it Then, […]

[130326] Snoop Dogg will have a special stage with 2NE1′s CL at upcoming concert

American rapper Snoop Dogg (41) will meet his fans for his first ever concert in Korea. On May 4, Snoop Dogg will be holding his ‘Unite all Originals Live with Snoop Dogg‘ concert at Olympic Park Ol-Park Soccer Stadium in Bangi-dong, Seoul. 2NE1 will be a guest performer for the ‘Hip-Hop Godfather’. Snoop Dogg will […]

[130417] Will.I. Am Featuring 2NE1′s ‘Gettin Dumb’ Released – “Park Bom’s Unique Vocals & CL’s Rhythmical Rap”

A teaser  for Will.I.Am’s new song featuring 2NE1 was finally released. One of the songs for Will.I.Am’s #willpower album, “Gettin Dumb”  has been released on the 16th of April. Girl group 2NE1, who has been secretly working with him in U.S last year was featured on this song. Gettin’ Dumb was characterized to have a unique, distinctive beat. […]

[130417] Buzzworthy MTV: “Will.I.Am and K-Pop’s 2NE1′s new collabo, “Gettin Dumb” is BRILLIANT”

Buzzworthy MTV positivley gushes about 2ne1′s collaboration single with will.i.am on his willpower album, calling the song “gettin’ dumb” brilliant. New Song: Will.i.am Featuring 2NE1, ‘Gettin’ Dumb’ Will.I.Am and K-Pop’s 2NE1′s new collabo, “Gettin Dumb” is BRILLIANT. BUZZWORTHY MTV: Can we officially change Will.I.Am‘s name to “Will.I.Am gonna take over the entire planet with all the […]