[130331] Ceci Magazine Reports: Star’s Beauty Weapon ft. Sandara Park + Dara’s Clio products in Cosmopolitan Malaysia’s ‘Beauty Awards’

Cover of March 2013 Ceci Magazine Dara‘s look at a recent movie premiere was featured in trendy makeup tips section of Ceci Magazine (April 2013) plus her Clio products make it onto Cosmopolitan Malaysia’s Beauty Awards. ~~~~~~~ “It’s good to try out special looks. It’s because March is the beginning of something new. Get inspired by celebrities’ various […]

Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang mentioned Dara on ‘It’s Showtime’

Filipino artists, Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang recently mentioned Dara on ‘Showtime’. ‘It’s Showtime’ is a Philippine noontime show were the hosts are Vhong, Ryan, Anne Curtis and other Filipino artists. It airs on ABS-CBN, every Mondays to Saturdays, 12PM (1:00PM in Korean time). On yesterdays episode of the show (or more likely on Monday), […]

[130404] Park Bom ranked at #5 on MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ as “Idols that eats a lot”

Park Bom has been ranked at #5 on MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ as one of the ‘Idols that eats a lot’. Artists such as B.A.P’s Yongguk, Girl’s Day’s Minah, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon chose Park Bom for that category. The show also showed some clips from 2NE1TV, including the clip where YG trainer, Hwangssabu, is […]

[130404] Dara (@krungy21) to Park Han Byul (@starlyshop) “Pretty..” + Dara changes her display photo

Park Han Byul tweeted yesterday, 올해 밀리터리룩 유행이라네요!유행을 앞서나가는 스탈리~ㅋㅋ스탈리촬용 끝! >.< 이제 또 다른촬용장 고고씽…! yfrog.com/kkzuokzj yfrog.com/odbevnvj — 박한별 park hanbyul (@starlyshop) April 3, 2013 The military look is in fashion for this year! Starly that knows the best fashion before coming out~ㅋㅋ First Starly cut! >.< Try something new and different, go go […]

[130404] Dara (@krungy21) conversation with Filipino Actor/Host Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano)

Check out this hilarious conversation below: Luis Manzano replied to Dara’s 2nd tweet, @krungy21 – saan ka ba kase pupunta bat ka nag papa follow? mamaya mawala lang kami, kung saan mo pa kami dadalhin — Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano) April 4, 2013 @krungy21 – Where are you going? Why are you telling us to follow you? we’ll […]

[130405] Dara (@krungy21) and Taeyang (@Realtaeyang) sings on Twitter + Dara once again changed her display photo

Big Bang’s Taeyang tweeted yesterday, 난 오늘 미~치고! 싀풔어~ — TEYDADDY (@Realtaeyang) April 4, 2013 I want! to go crazy~ (Lyrics from G-Dragon’s ‘Michi GO’) Then, Dara replied, @realtaeyang 뛰뛰뛰뛰뛰뛰뛰뛰고~시풔~ — Sandara Park (@krungy21) April 4, 2013 I want to run run run run run run~ (Lyrics from 2NE1′s ‘Fire’) Meanwhile, Dara once again changed […]

[130405] Intel’s Facebook: [Touch the Ultrabook, Additional Event!] Featuring 2NE1 & will.i.am signed Ultrabooks

Blackjacks win a chance for a 2NE1 and will.i.am signed Ultrabook! Intel Korea [Touch the Ultrabook 추가 이벤트!] 1분이상 참여한 모든 분을 대상으로 추첨을 통해 2분께 드리는 2NE1과 will.i.am의 친필 사인 울트라북! 지금 바로 도전하세요~ 울트라북 타러가기>>http://intel.ly/XXyZJ3 — [Touch the Ultrabook, Additional Event!] Especially for those who have participated for more than a minute, we will […]

[130405] Fully enjoy 2NE1 World at 『2NE1 SUPER LIVE 2013 in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN(R)』 on May 11th!

According to 2NE1′s Official Japanese site, 2NE1 will have 『2NE1 SUPER LIVE 2013 in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN(R)』 on May 11th. 昨年9月以来となる待望の2NE1単独ライブがUNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN(R)で開催決定!! 今年初の単独公演は、スペシャルなセットリストとパークでしかありえない初のコラボ・ライブ! “2NE1 SUPER LIVE”だけのサプライズなステージとあわせて、ワールドをたっぷりと味わえます。 2NE1のライブを楽しみ、パークで1日中たっぷり遊べるFUNが盛りだくさんのこのチャンスは見逃せません! さあ♪友達を誘って、5/11(土)はユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン(R)へ!! 2NE1 SUPER LIVE 2013 in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN(R) 【開催日時】 2013年5月11日(土) ※夜公演 開場 17:00 開演 18:30(予定) 【会場】 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN(R) 野外特設ステージ 【出演アーティスト】 2NE1 【チケット料金】 オールスタンディング・立ち位置指定 9,800円(税込) ※枚数制限:4枚まで ※未就学児童入場不可 ※雨天決行、荒天中止 ※1デイ・スタジオ・パス付 ※ライブ・チケットで、年間スタジオ・パスへのアップグレードはできません 【お問い合わせ】 […]

[130405] 2NE1 Shake Facebook: ’2nd Anniversary Special Event’

2NE1 SHAKE EVENT1.  Free songs have been RENEWED!!Find out which songs are free and start SHAKING~♬ EVENT2. ★2nd Year Anniversary Special Event★ To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve prepared a special event! Check out the Event Tab! Fans of 2NE1 Shake will get a change to win some awesome prizes and some free play. The game offers […]