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[me2Day] 120921 DARA: “Let’s have fun during the concerts that are left …Thank you always, blackjacks”

    투애니원 일본데뷔 1주년 축하합니다! 시간 참 빠르죠? 작년투어 돌던게 엊그제 같은데… 올해도 벌써.. 이제 투어의 반이상을 돈거같아요. 벌써 아쉬워지네 ㅠ.ㅠ 남은 공연들도 신나게 즐겨요! 아! 우리 알러뷰 일본싱글 나온거알죠? 알라뷰 ~ 그럼 굿밤! ^_^/ TAGS 블랙잭 항상 고마워요 Congratulations for 2NE1′s 1st anniversary since our Japanese debut! Isn’t time so fast? Last year’s tour seems like yesterday.. […]

[INTERVIEW] 130129 @ComplexStyle “K-Pop Sensation 2NE1 Dresses Up in Jeremy Scott, Givenchy, and Balmain”

If you haven’t noticed, we love K-pop girl groups. They’re perfectly groomed by their labels’ respective training regimen, and know exactly how to tingle our hearts with sugary croons. Their cutesy antics and dazzling appearances also help a great deal. But often times, their actual talents as singers and performers come into question. High heels and […]

[130217] David Yi (@seoulcialite) spends time with CL who reveals how she handles haters

cr: seoulcialite Journalist and TV Host, David Yi, hangs out with our leader, CL and treats fans to tidbits,including how she deals with haters, about her and 2NE1. Dear my 2NE1 fans I will be meeting with CL this Sunday. Send me your burning questions for her #blackjacks @ygladies #2ne1 @mingkki21 #kpop — David Yi […]

[121011] K-Pop Okinawa Promotional Clips & Concert Goods

Japan’s largest K-POP festival was a tie-up with South Korea SBS TV. HP official  Promotional Movies: 2NE1 begins at  2:24 Secret and IU’s greets don’t specifically mention 2NE1 but they have a bunch of 2NE1 clips in the background. Secret IU Sorry to keep you waiting! Information up to K-POP Official Merchandise / index.html 2NE1 will be one […]

[130222] Allure Magazine (March 2013) Bom Interview “Spring, spring has come.”

Q: Today’s photo shoot was different from your usual image. Instead of a sexy appearance, we wanted to go for a feminine one, how was it? A:Truthfully, I was a little taken aback at first. I like flowers, but I don’t wear flower print clothes a lot. A person like me taking a photo shoot […]

[121221] 2NE1 to Release ‘New Evolution in Japan’ (Yokohama Concert) Live DVD & Bluray on March 13, 2013

Last week, we reported that 2NE1 would be releasing a Japanese version of the New Evolution in Seoul live DVD as well as a 2NE1TV Season 3 Box Set. Earlier today the girls announced, via their official Japanese website, that the LIVE DVD/2NE1 2012 1st Global Tour – NEW EVOLUTION in Japan, will be released […]

[130223] CeCi Magazine (March 2013) Full Interview “Spring Be Pretty: Sandara’s Bloody Angel”

Sandara’s Bloody Angel Fantastic ! Dreaming Burgundy Look This is the Bloody Angel Look that is being suggested by the beauty icon Sandara Park who enjoys shocking chances. She is showcasing her flawless face and pink lips who look like they’ve been dyed. Even though it’s daring, try the Angel Look with the boldly expressed […]

[130224] Marie Claire (March 2013) Minzy Full Interview “Gong Minji – let’s get STARTED”

Gong Minji – let’s get STARTED Five years after debuting with 2NE1, Gong Minji is now 20. She is now more ready than anyone else to enjoy her youth. People have known Gong Minji ever since she was 15. You can find videos of her auditions when she was in middle school as well as […]

[130406] 2NE1 Special Photo Set & Desktop Calendar Box Set On Sale Now!! + Overseas Purchasing Details

2NE1 has released a limited edition photo set and desktop calendar filled with never before seen photos. Find out more below, plus how to get your hands on a copy today! 2NE1 SPECIAL PHOTOBOOK & CALENDAR 2013-2014: エンタメ・スポーツ –…… — YG Family (@ygent_official) April 8, 2013    2NE1 SPECIAL PHOTOBOOK & CALENDAR 2013-2014:  Entertainment/sports Gorgeous BIGBANG & 2NE1 80-page boxed special picture […]

[130225] Harper’s BAZAAR (March 2013) CL Full Interview: “Don’t Stop the Music”

DON’T STOP THE MUSIC Dark eyeliner and light blonde hair; controlling the stage with her attitude and overflowing charisma, that’s CLWho could’ve thought she likes cooking, loves drawing, and enjoys watching romance-comedy films?This is an interview with 2NE1′s leader, CL, and feminine, smart, Chaerin. Park HyeSuPhotographed by Kim Youngjun Q: Tell us about the process of 2NE1′s […]