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[120728] YG ENT: “Right now!!! The mango trees will be sent to Africa as part of a global project!!”

여 기는 2NE1 첫번째 글로벌투어 NEW EVOLUTION 현장!! 이번 콘스트의 착한 WITH는!! 바로!!! 망고나무를 아프리카로 보내는 글로벌 프로젝트라고 하는데!! 오오 착한일도 하고 예쁜 인증서도 발급받고? 일석이조?? *-*  Tag: 여러분의 따뜻한 3,000원은 아프리카에 망고나무 숲으로 기부됩니다 ^^ We’re on-site at 2NE1′s first global tour NEW EVOLUTION!! Together with WITH at the concert today!! Right now!!! The mango trees will be sent to Africa […]

[120814] @ygent_official: 2NE1′s Facebook Live Q&A on Aug. 22nd (full details)

[2NE1’s Facebook Live Q&A] 2NE1 will be on Facebook for an exclusive live Q&A at 5:00pm until 5:45pm PDT at… — ygfamily (@ygent_official) August 14, 2012 ‎[2NE1’s Facebook Live Q&A]  2NE1 will be on Facebook for an exclusive live Q&A at 5:00pm until 5:45pm PDT [on Wed. August 22nd] at 2NE1′s Facebook & Facebook […]

[120815] UPDATED Details on 2NE1′s 2012 New Evolution Japan Arena Tour, 176,000 potential attendees

  Back in June, we reported that 2NE1 would be embarking on their 2nd Japan arena tourthis fall.  At that time, 2NE1 was schedule to perform at Osaka Castle Hall, Nippon Gaishi Hall, and Yokahama Arena. Since then, YGEX has added a third concert at Osaka Castle Hall and two concerts at the Saitama Super Arena (maximum […]

[120926][NEWS] 2NE1′s 3rd Japanese Single, “I Love You” lands at #5 on the Weekly Oricon Chart

‘I Love You’ Debuts at #5 on Oricon   On September 19th 2NE1 released their 3rd Japanese single which was a remake of their Korean digital single ‘I Love You‘. It debuted at #3 its first day selling over 10,000 copies and its first week it comes in at #5, the highest weekly rank 2NE1 has ever reached on […]

[121123] 2NE1′s Facebook: 2NE1 Global Tour Live CD [New Evolution in Seoul] Release Announcement!

Hi, this is YG Entertainment. As the first Korean girl group to have a global tour NEW EVOLUTION CONCERT, 2NE1 started off their tour on July 28 and 29, and LIVE CD containing the live music recorded in both concerts will be released on December 4. This summer 2NE1 began their global tour NEW EVOLUTION along with the […]

[121011] K-Pop Okinawa Promotional Clips & Concert Goods

Japan’s largest K-POP festival was a tie-up with South Korea SBS TV. HP official  Promotional Movies: 2NE1 begins at  2:24 Secret and IU’s greets don’t specifically mention 2NE1 but they have a bunch of 2NE1 clips in the background. Secret IU Sorry to keep you waiting! Information up to K-POP Official Merchandise / index.html 2NE1 will be one […]

[121112] Minzy’s Original Colored Gundam will be featured in ‘GUNPLA Supporters 2012′

“GUNPLAEXPO World Tour Japan 2012” will hold an exhibition starting from November 22 through November 25th at Akihabara UDX. It’s been reported that 2NE1‘s Minzyis taking part in this event! [T/N –– GUNPLA is another term for Gundam, and also refers to the practice of building Gundam models. Minzy made one and completely customized the colours. ] […]

[121221] 2NE1 to Release ‘New Evolution in Japan’ (Yokohama Concert) Live DVD & Bluray on March 13, 2013

Last week, we reported that 2NE1 would be releasing a Japanese version of the New Evolution in Seoul live DVD as well as a 2NE1TV Season 3 Box Set. Earlier today the girls announced, via their official Japanese website, that the LIVE DVD/2NE1 2012 1st Global Tour – NEW EVOLUTION in Japan, will be released […]

[120913][NEWS] 2NE1′s ‘I Love You’ Single Ranks 9th on Oricon’s NINKI

‘I Love You’ Single Ranks on NINKI 2NE1‘s new Japanese single is set to be release on September 19th and will include the Japanese version of their hit track ‘I Love You‘. Japanese music charting and sales tracking company Oricon conducts a weekly survey (called NINKI) of users asking them which and how much they are anticipating the […]

[TWITTER/NEWS] 120914 @mposttv: TV Asahi to Broadcast ‘Ontama Festival 2012′ on 9/15 JST

「オンタマカーニバル2012」テレ朝チャンネルで明日9/15放送!出演は、2NE1、AI、三代目J Soul Brothers、清水翔太、TRF、2NE1、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ。2NE1レポは、こちら →… — 韓流Mpost(エムポスト) (@mposttv) September 14, 2012   Back in Febuary 2NE1 along with J Soul Brothers, Shota Shimizu, TRF, AI, Scandal etc performed at the annual ‘Ontama Carnival 2012′. The show was aired live and now the official broadcast is airing on TV Asahi on September 15 (JST). You can download Keyhole […]