YGLadies is ready to welcome new people to help make YGL a better experience for all Blackjacks! So if you feel you have some great skills and complete YGL’s criteria, please look forward to check out out our current & future positions!

Not Hiring: Tech Admin – Like all YGL staff members, a Tech Admin must have initiative, have the ability to work in a team, and possess strong communication skills. A Tech Admin must have a desire to be updated on current technologies, and able to provide technical support to the online community and staff. You must monitor the site’s technical performance and web server. Lastly, a Tech Admin should support the graphics team for website layouts.

Not Hiring: Global Moderators – Global Moderators moderate the entire forum, not just a few sections; however sections have been divided up the major forum sections between Global Moderators as “main focus” areas. As a Global Moderator, you are still responsible for overseeing the entire forum, but your focus should be to monitor the moderator activities at your assigned sections. It is the Global Moderators job to fully understand the forum rules and be able to handle public relations. Act professional and can make rational decisions.

HiringModerators – Moderators are responsible for a certain section in the forum.They must constantly maintain their section keeping it organized, focused and up to date at all times. Moderators must be able to assist other members. Understand and implement forum at all times, and act professional through various situations.

Hiring: Royal Aces Subs
Translators (Hiring) – Must be able to translate Korean, Chinese & or Japanese. Translators should work efficiently with a deadline. Translators listen to audio to translate into English, ie news to keep the forum up to date. Dedication, and willingness to cooperate with subbing coordinators is crucial. Apply Today: Chinese, Japanese, Korean Translators.  Apply Today: Chinese, Japanese, Korean Translators
Editors (Not Hiring) – Editors need to be fluent in English, work with a deadline, and be willing to cooperate with subbing coordinators. Editors take the translations are read through them to spot spelling, grammar mistakes to ensure everything is grammatically correct.
Encoders (Not Hiring) – Encoders must be able to work with a deadline and cooperate with subbing coordinators. Must have intermediate to expert knowledge how to use Aegisubs and Virtudub, therefore you must have these programs installed in your computer.
Timers/Typesetters (Not Hiring) – Timers time when someone starts talking and when they stop and when captions/screentext appear, things like that. Typesetters apply our standard font and its colors, duplicate the appearance of captions, etc. they usually do karaoke effects too. Read details at the end of this post.

Hiring: A-Team
*Translators – Must be proficient in the written language with a strong grasp of grammar in Korean, Japanese, Tagalog or Chinese as well as English. All translators are expected to be be proactive in seeking for & translating articles, and should be able to navigate through various websites. Translators will help translate news, me2days, baidu, weibo, etc, and must be able to work on a deadline.

Uploaders – Must be trainable, resourceful and be a self-starter. All uploaders are required to have the ability to navigate through Korean, Chinese and or Japanese websites for up to date pictures, videos and music of 2NE1. You do not need to able to read or understand foreign languages but to navigate through various websites. Uploaders also are required to have knowledge with software and technology. If you are inexperienced you must be willing to learn.

Writers – Writers are required to write about events such as Me2Day, 2NE1 TV, performances and Op-Eds.

Fashion Writers – Fashion writers need to help identify 2NE1 fashion & accessories, write articles in a timely manner about 2NE1′s fashions (especially during events or photoshoots), monitor other fashion sites for articles related to or relevant to Blackjacks & to help YGL maintain Access & Instagram.

Illustrators – Must be able to work with deadlines, works well with a team and is creative. Has experience with photoshop and is a dedicated 2NE1 fan. Designs must be fresh and clean, must be able to design from small banners to layouts for YGL or projects. Being able to manage time is a must.

Not-Hiring: Secret Radio DJs – YGL’s DJ’s must be energetic, confident, and engaging. Must dedicate at least 2 days out of the week for about 1-2 hours to host. They are always courteous on air. Bashing other fandoms, artists, or sites is never allowed.